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Worked Shoot #8: The Georges St. Pierre Greasing Controversy

By now I am sure you are all aware who came out the victor between BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre in their Welterweight Title clash at UFC 94. Despite what appeared to be a clear-cut finish not all parties involved agree due to accusations from Penn’s team of Pierre’s camp bending the rules.

Below is the story so far:

UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn, whose recent loss to Georges St. Pierre remains mired in controversy, recently released a video to document the allegations that his opponent “greased up” during the fight.
Last month, within minutes of St. Pierre’s fourth-round TKO victory at UFC 94, the allegations began.

However, what at first may have seemed like sour grapes from Penn gained instant credibility when Nevada State Athletic Commission executives admitted they had to warn and even wipe down St. Pierre between rounds because of his corner’s use of Vaseline.

While Vaseline is only permitted to be applied to a fighter’s face, corner men for St. Pierre appeared to apply small amounts of the petroleum jelly to the fighter’s shoulders, chest and back.

Penn’s video, promoted on his website, shows clips of the Vaseline apparently being applied, and even the commission executives wiping St. Pierre down.

The nearly seven-minute video also includes interviews with St. Pierre’s former opponents, including Sean Sherk (who jokes that St. Pierre seemed oiled up), as well as other excerpts from recent coverage of the incident.
In a recent letter to the NSAC asking for an investigation, Penn claimed his primary weapon in the fight was his Jiu-Jitsu. He claimed his opponent’s slick body essentially took away that weapon, and he’s since campaigned for a third fight with St. Pierre, who also defeated Penn in 2006.

While obviously one-sided in nature, Penn’s video has been gaining some steam the past 24 hours and proven persuasive with many fans.

So according to the video evidence there is good cause to say Pierre’s win was not a clean win giving good reason for a rematch. Have we seen the end of BJ Penn’s rivalry with George St. Pierre? No. While things are still hot from their last encounter a rematch for a few months time needs to fixed on the calendar now to cash in on what is sure to be another big money drawing match up continuing their feud.

GSP and Penn III BJ Penn wants it, the UFC want it and the fans want it!
Hey even if Penn’s chances are slim against Pierre he still deserves another chance to prove himself on an even playing field.

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You’ve got to be kidding.
Who on earth would want a re-match between these two?
If they fight, UFC will have gone the way of the WWF and lose me as a fan…

GSP’s rebuttal has been available for almost a week now. Not a single word on any of the counter arguments they offered? All you said was this video has “proven persuasive with many fans”. When you say that (and also claim fans want a rematch), what was your random sample size of fans and how many of them already had an opinion before that?
What *I’d* like to see is BJ defend his title at least 3x a year. I’d also like to see a few more title defenses out of GSP. If BJ wants another run at welter weight, then he needs to either give up his LW belt or promise to do more than 2 fights a year, and then he needs to fight and beat at least one other welter weight, maybe Fitch, before taking on GSP again.

BJ PENN IS A CRYBABY !!! Even if GSP wasnt “greased down” he still would of had his sorry pineapple pick’n ass whooped! Plain and simple George is an animal and no one can say other wise… and second it wasnt GSP who greased himself up, give the trainers sh*t not the greatest athelete in ufc history!!!…..-WORD!

BJ’s video was persuasive to who, other than his Nut-Hugging fans that swarm his website?? It didn’t show anything new at all. There was some vaseline applied and it got wiped down, we aleady knew that. Interviews from fighters GSP mopped the floor with, saying he was “Greesy” is proof of what, other than sour grapes on their end?? There is a lot of jealousy towards GSP, IMO. Some of what has gone on, i feel has been motivated by that.. The UFC can’t even sell another fight with them. What are they gonna say? “The only reason Penn got smoked was because of vaseline so please give us another 45 bucks to watch Penn get murdered again”?? Yeah right..

BJ. His initials say it all . If you look back through history you always hear him whining. He is a big baby when he loses and a mouth piece when he wins. Whaaa Whaaa, BJ is his own biggest hero. But I would like to see GSP kick his Hawaiian ass around the ring and make pineapple juice out of him one more time.

If they don”™t give baby a shot to redeem this travesty then they may as well call UFC”¦WWE! This is cultural arts…not entertainment…and to anyone who feels BJ doesn”™t deserve a chance, try him! There is no denying GSP as a force but I demand baby get to face a legal force…then we”™ll set it to rest.

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