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WWE: Current Creative Plans For Mickey Rourke At Wrestlemania 25

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that at this point the working plan for Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania 25 will see the actor appearing in the corner of whoever Jericho faces at the PPV. Because Rourke is a former boxer, creative has an idea to push that ability of Rourke’s and have him interfere in the finish of the Jericho match possibly hitting him with a knockout style punch that Jericho could sell as devastating. At this point there is no confirmed opponent for Jericho, however Jerry Lawler’s name has come up a few times in creative meetings as he fits the legend persona and has been vocally "against" Y2J’s attacks of other legends on Raw. Lawler is 56 years old and has never worked a match at Wrestlemania, so now may be the last chance the veteran has to wrestle on the big show.