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WWE: Update On JBL Investing In OVW

To follow up on the story from earlier regarding JBL investing in Ohio Valley Wrestling, it looks like this could be JBL’s main project for when he retires from the ring.  The word going around is that Layfield may even move to Louisville from New York City to help oversee the company once he steps out of the ring, but that plan could always change between now and then.

Additionally, it looks like JBL is set on starting up an MMA organization that will hold events at the Davis Arena as well.  The following was released today on OVW’s official website:

Danny Davis has unleashed the Vyper Fight League (VFL), an all new fighting organization to begin hosting events at the Davis Arena this April. The VFL is going to revolutionize Mixed Martial Arts just like OVW revolutionized Professional Wrestling. Be a part of the historic rise of the Vyper  Fight League! Please visit for details.