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Former WWE Superstar Says There Are No Steroid Users In Wrestling

Bobby Lashley recently spoke out on the steroid in wrestling issue, in an interview with Lashley was asked how preveland performance-enhancing drugs are in pro wrestling, to which Lashley responded:

"I don’t think there’s any [steroid usage] now. They have a really, really, really strict testing policy in the WWE. I know that for a fact. So I know that there is no one who is really on anything now. I think in the past there were some, but — and also, in professional wrestling it’s not "performance-enhancing." You’re not enhancing your performance. You’re getting bigger and stronger, but it’s not like that makes you win in wrestling. I think there used to be more wrestlers on something than there are now, but it’s not like everyone was on something in professional wrestling. Not at all."