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WWE RAW March 16, 2009 Match Results

The 825th edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX (Shawn Michaels’ Hometown).

Match Results

  • Shawn Michaels (RAW) & The Undertaker (SD) def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield (RAW) & Vladimir Kozlov (SD) by Shawn Michaels pinning John "Bradshaw" Layfield following Sweet Chin Music.
  • 6-Diva Tag: Melina, Mickie James, & Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix, Jillian, & Layla by Melina rolling up Beth Phoenix.
  • Steel Cage Match: Non-Title: Triple H (SD) def. Cody Rhodes (RAW) by pin following a sledgehammer shot.
  • Rey Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler by pin following the Bullet Splash.
  • 6-Man Tag: CM Punk (RAW), MVP (SD), & Kofi Kingston (RAW) def. Kane (RAW), Shelton Benjamin (SD), & Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) (ECW) by CM Punk pinning Shelton Benjamin following the GTS.
  • Special Referee- Vickie Guerrero: Non-Title: Edge (SD) & John Cena (RAW) fight to a No Contest.

Match Quality

  1. Edge Vs. John Cena
  2. Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker Vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield & Vladimir Kozlov
  3. Triple H Vs. Cody Rhodes
  4. 6-Man Tag
  5. Rey Mysterio Vs. Dolph Ziggler
  6. 6-Diva Tag


Chris Jericho challenged Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, & "Rowdy" Roddy Piper to a match at WrestleMania and he invited Ric Flair to be at ringside and said he would buy Mickey Rourke a front row seat for the event.

Rey Mysterio also challenged JBL to an Intercontinental Title Match at WrestleMania.

No Hall of Fame Inductee was announced this week.