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WWE: John Cena Talks About His Issues With ‘The Rock’

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John Cena, promoting his new film 12 Rounds, denied an alleged rivalry with fellow wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as "The Rock") to Jimmy Kimmel Thursday.

The beef, explained Cena, stems from Johnson’s past insistence he would stay loyal to his pro wrestling roots (his father and grandfather were both pro wrestlers) even as his star in tinsel town rose.

"He’s obviously …. got his start in the WWE, gone onto movies, but in the process, the whole time while he was in the WWE, he just preached to our fans — who are very loyal — how much he loved the business," Cena said of Johnson. "He says he loves the business so much, but then just up and leaves. So here I am, I’ve done The Marine, I’m still working full-time for the WWE, I’ve got 12 Rounds coming out … and everybody’s asking, ‘When are you leaving?’"

Cena, in a moment of unintentional comedy at its best, said he would continue wrestling even if he wins an Oscar.