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WWE's Censorship

For the past few months we have all noticed the drastic increase of censorship within the WWE. They have changed move names, begun to shun such wonders as the bra and panties match, and given us cheesy commentary like “Oh No, there are children watching.” This leads me to believe that if Lita came back and decided to wrestle again, we would not receive the scantily clad love jugs we know and appreciate, but an overdressed redhead in a kimono. After all, they seem to think an overweight, gap toothed, kankle flopping, Vicky Guererro is some kind of beauty-queen.

I for one am sick of it!! The whole WWE has gone to hell, and I am starting to doubt that it will ever come back. Let’s face the facts here folks, ever since WWF “Got the ‘F’ out!” in 2000 and converted to World Wrestling Entertainment, the company has been on a downward spiral. It was slow at the start, but now, nine years later we can see the pace is increasing rapidly. Think about it, we go from personas of a beer drinking, bird flipping, redneck to a pickle puffing, peter stuffing, wannabe marine in Reeboks! That is not the WWE I wish to see.

I’m pissed. What happened to the gritty language, the sex, and most importantly the violence? What happened to the chairshots that made you say “Damn, he got knocked the f**k out!” What happened to the heels that almost sent chills down your spine?? …What happened to the wrestling? It seems like everytime I watch the WWE I attempt to find the answer to these puzzling questions, but so far, I haven’t reached a conclusion. That’s not to say I am clueless, I just haven’t found an answer that I believe can most accurately describe what has gone wrong.

I am frustrated at the fact that the company is sinking, that the creative team is flawed, and the storylines are shit. But do you know what is eating at me the most? The parents! I am yet to understand what the hell is wrong with most of them. Firstly, they allow their children to watch violent programming unsupervised, they don’t talk to the kids about not doing the things they see on TV, and then they bitch and complain, that a show that never claimed to be suited for children ultimately isn’t! So much so that they have warped a once entertaining product into a lifeless shell of its former self. But do we complain that the Soap Operas and show’s like Jerry Springer that are watched by millions of parents world-wide are too graphic? Do we bitch about how Bob and Jane’s affair on that certain soap violates the sanctity of marriage? Or how shemale makeovers showcased on the Springer show is disgusting? (Or most importantly, where are MY Jerry Beads?! ) For the most part no.

If and when I have a little boy or girl someday, I will make sure to inform them of the dangers of doing what they see on TV. Whether it be in regards to not Tombstoning little Johnny on the Merry-Go-Round, or failing that damn pregnancy test! All due to the fact that it would be my responsibility to make sure my kids were brought up well and could still handle the WWE the way it is meant to be.

WWE needs to make sure parents understand, and accept, the responsibility of talking to their children about not emulating what takes place on the shows. If a parent cannot do so, then the child should not be watching the WWE, or TV in general. I wouldn’t mind a few “Don’t Try This at Home, School, or in the workplace (lol) messages in the beginning of each broadcast, or even a promo of some sort by a wrestler every so often informing both parents and children of the skill it takes to compete inside the ring. What I do mind however, is idiot parents and their unknowing children forcing Vince McMahon to dumb and tone down a once entertaining product.


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I am from Denmark so my english isn’t perfect. I absolutely understand what you are saying BUT I think you are forgetting something because of the nostalgia for the attitude era. There is definately still some envelope pushing stuff in WWE. First the violence like with Ortons punts to the skull, Big shows fists to the face is often extremely real, Taker tombstoning Vickie, Orton kissing Stephanie in front of HHH this past week after driving her face (kinda) in to the mat and then hitting him with a sledgehammer. The Edge vs Taker matches and Y2J vs HBK matches were very violent. Undertaker talking about burnig people alive and so fourth and HHH threatening Orton that he will break his neck? Just saying it is not all pink elephants and strawberry clouds nowadays either.

Fair point, the wwe has gone PG, but your article went from “What happened to the chairshots” to where is the wrestling? so my question is which do you want? for the past few years everyone’s been saying how poor the wrestling is and flipping to TNA in their drnes but recently they have been concentrating more on the wrestling and less on the storylines which lets face it would probably be poor anyway. The point i’m trying to make is that beating the “f**k” out of someone with a chair isn’t everything and quite frankly I think it is fair that wrestlers aren’t having to choose between getting their head bashed in or being unemployed.

Yeah I agree with most everybody (fantastic description of Cena by the way AngelikDiablo13!!!). As a male in the 18 – 30 demographic, I’d like to see less sex and more wrestling. I timed a few episodes of Raw… only 30 minutes of new in ring action every time, Smackdown too. I want to see less sex in the advertising too, and advertise name brands on the Superstars, like Nascar. That would be sweet. Cena could get paid to wear those Reeboks and rap about them all the time. Anyway, they’ll make billions when they turn him heel and make the jerk the longest reigning champion of all time. Good luck Shelly B, grab that briefcase!

I agree with everyone. But I’m not too happy about how you described Cena! I have only been watching been watching WWE for about four years now. But I’m a huge John Cena fan. I agree that the WWE as gone really kinda PG but I’m glad that it’s toned down the sex I mean most people like the fact that the divas dress the way they do. But not me. I’m one for keeping it PG I mean it’s kinda a risky road to go down. But Vince has to think about the younger kids that watch WWE. Also it’s taking things too far sometimes. Like with The game wanting to break Orton’s neck. But I think Vince made a good decision by keeping it more PG and plus you have to remember he also doesn”™t want another mess like Chris Benoit which may I say was the crazy thing I have ever heard of.

Playing the PG game is a much smarter move business-wise in the long term.
And don’t get too nostalgic – there was plenty of crap in the attitude era too. The only difference is you probably missed it because every time something rubbish came on you switched to see what was going on on Nitro instead

Let”™s think about this, how can a violent wrestling show go PG and still be believable and entertaining? Simple it can”™t, I”™m not asking for a return to the utter craziness of the attitude era but Vince should damn well remember he”™s got long time fans who aren”™t children and give them what they want to see occasionally, that”™s not blatant censorship and the same matches every week. I think Vince is losing his mind, sure he”™s clever getting kids to watch but he”™s driving away his older fans and when the kids grow up they aren”™t going to want to watch the same type of watered down garbage that the WWE is showing now. I”™m starting to wish WCW won the Monday night war…

I can see where you are coming from, but you have to keep in mind that WWE is only making these changes to keep their target audience happy. If they go back to 14+, you should expect to see these bans lifted.

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