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SSP #9: WWE WrestleMania 25 Predictions

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For this edition I am going to run down the predictions for this years Wrestlemania as well as the usual “Good Idea, Bad Idea”. As always I am going to start in the order I believe they are going to appear on the card. Before I get started I would like to say that the next edition of the Shooting Star Press will be a little late due to the fact that I will be in Texas for Wrestlemania and will be posting a blog when I get back with pictures on the experience for your reading pleasure.

Battle Royal for
I”m not even 100 percent sure if this is going a head this year or not. The fact the Tag Team match is now a lumberjack match makes me think that they might not have one, but their will need to be a dark match of some description. If there was one to go a head, I”m thinking Khali or Umaga is going to take the win. The fact that I don”t like Khali is going to make me pick Umaga.
Winner Umaga

Brother Vs Brother
Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy
I still don”t know what to make of this whole thing. They”ve tried it before and it didn”t work and now they are doing it again but this time at Wrestlemania. The build-up to this has good in some aspects and not so good in others”.I know what they are trying to do. They are promoting the event as an anniversary so having Matt Vs Jeff is meant to make us think about the encounter at Wrestlemania X between Bret and Owen, this is the reason why I am predicting this match to open the show” mirror the opener at Wrestlemania X. If this match is anywhere near the standards of Bret and Owen I will be happy. For the win I am going to go with Jeff because he”s totally over and him winning will lift the crowd going forward into the event….that and Matt lost cleanly to MVP in the build up…I”m still holding a grudge against that decision.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Money in the Bank
MVP Vs Kane Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Mark Henry Vs Christian Vs Finlay Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs CM Punk
I posted a blog (WWE Money in the Bank – WrestleMania 25 ) at the start of February before they started doing the qualifiers for the Money in the Bank and I predicted the 8 participants I thought were going to be in the match.

I got 5 out of 8 which isn”t too bad considering the amount of names that were being thrown around for this match.

I didn’t expect Finlay because I thought he would be involved in the ECW title picture somehow.

I didn’t expect Christian because of the rumours going round about Vince not liking him”..that and he has only been back a little while and I didn”t think that warranted a spot at Wrestlemania.

I didn’t expect nor did I want Mark Henry in this match. For many reasons that may warrant a blog in itself.

With that said though, I am very glad that Christian is involved and have no problem with Finlay being involved either. For the win I would like to see Christian take it above everyone else because I believe he is Main Event quality and the prospect of Edge Vs Christian for a World Title is something many people will want to see. In saying that; Kane deserves to win for that rumour going around that he knocked out Tim Sylvia and CM Punk has the chance to win the back to back Money in the Banks. MVP is the dark horse in this match and as I stated in previous blogs, Shelton is Just in there to kill himself”..Pity that job doesn”t fall to Mark Henry.
Winner: CM Punk

Unified Tag Team Championship Match(Lumberjack Match)
WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions

Carlito and Primo ColonVs The Miz and Morrison

In my WWE Tag Team Division blog I mentioned that this match should happen. I mentioned that both sets of Tag Titles should be put together because the Tag Team Division as it stands is a joke. One single Tag Team on top will give back some credibility to the division and hopefully pave the way for some future Tag Teams and some great Tag Matches alike. I miss the days when I got excited about a Tag Team Title Match and this match is a step in the right direction. For the win I could go either way because I like both Tag Teams. The way things are going though I can see Miz and Morrison taking all the gold home due to them being on top of the “Tag Team” division. The fact that this is a lumberjack match isn”t going to change my opinion.
Winners: The Miz and Morrison

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio Vs JBL (Champion)

The Intercontinental Championship has not been defended at Wrestlemania since 2002, which was Wrestlemania X8 and it was the opening fight on the card between Rob Van Dam and William Regal. Regal went in as champion and lost to RVD on the night. I think this match is going to pan out the same way. Rey hasn”t been at Wrestlemania since 22 and that was when he beat Randy Orton and Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweigth Championship. People will argue over why he got that title but I believe Rey is an amazing talent that should be the champion again at some point. Winning this match would be a step in the right direction. Not only for Rey, but for the Intercontinental title. JBL also promises to do something historic at Wrestlemaina. If you ask me, I think he could retire. The last time he did, it was Rey that retired him. I think that is too much of a coincidence. In my opinion Rey is going to do it again and add fact to the rumours circulating about JBL”s retirement.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Mr.Wrestlemania Vs The Streak
Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker

During my 2nd SSP Blog speaking about The Undertakers Win Streak (The Undertaker and his WrestleMania Undefeated Streak), I picked Shawn Michaels for this years Wrestlemania to face off against the Undertaker. My outlook on the whole Streak situation has not changed. Shawn has had a lot of offense going into this match and the WWE are doing their hardest to make us think that HBK is the man to beat The Undertaker and the hype has been top notch, but I”m still not convinced. I predict this contest to be the match of the night, Shawn to steal the show yet again and Taker to go 17-0.
Winner: The Undertaker

Miss Wrestlemania
25 Diva Battle Royal

Another match I spoke about in a blog on the road to Wrestlemania (First Ever Miss WrestleMania?). Within it I went over my picks for this match. We still won”t know who all 25 are going to be unil the night but I am going to stick with my previous prediction. If an old school diva wins it has to go to Trish, if a current diva is to win and/or Trish is not involved then I am going to pick Maryse.
Winner: Trish/Maryse

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena Vs The Big Show Vs Edge (Champion)

This one looks like it might actually be a good match, despite the fact that the storyline leading up to it has been terrible. Stepping away from the whole winner wins Vickie”s heart crap. I think one of the heels is going to win. Big Show was rumoured to compete in the Money and the Bank match and win, which could be he is in line for a title run. On the other hand, I could see Edge running with the belt for quiet a while and if I had it my way I would have Edge take the win. Cena for me is more likeable when he is chasing the title and it should stay that way for a while”..
Winner: Edge

WWE Championship
Randy Orton Vs Triple H (Champion)

There has been a great hype and lead up to this match. If you remember back when Shane was feuding with Orton before No Way Out, I called this match to headline Wrestlemania and I fully expect Randy to close off the show with that belt held high. I think this match has the potential to be the match of the night but they are really going to have to put on a performance to out shine Taker and HBK. Don”t expect too much from Cody and Ted in this one as its Wrestlemania and not a lot of run-ins count; maybe a skit during the show where Trips takes out the two boys in advance. I doubt it will change the outcome however.
Winner: Randy Orton

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* The segments leading into Wrestlemania. The segments between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have been top notch, as have those between Triple H and Randy Orton.

Bad Idea

* Expecting the box office figure for 12 rounds to be over 10 million for the first weekend”.That was laughable!!

Peeps I shall speak to you all after the Big One”..Look out for my Tri-Colour on the box on Sunday 😉 ”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.