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WWE: Hulk Hogan Reveals Original Plans For His WrestleMania Appearance

Former WWE champion Hulk Hogan has an interview with where he
talks about a variety of subjects including tomorrow’s WrestleMania. When
asked if he was going to be in Houston for the show, Hogan said that he was
supposed to wrestle John Cena for the title but back surgery screwed up the
whole plan. "Vince and I were talking about how much involvement I wanted to
have in WrestleMania, and if I wanted to keep wrestling, and out of nowhere
my back just got really crazy. I went in for an MRI and I had to have some
emergency surgery that threw me out of the game. I was kind of flipped out
about it, I thought I’d be the main event this year," Hogan said. Around the
No Way Out pay-per-view it was revealed that Hogan and McMahon talked about
the possibility for that match and the plan was to go ahead with it which is
why Cena was thrown into the three-way since the Hogan match went up in
smoke. You can check the whole interview at