CBlog XXXVIII- Thoughts on WWE WrestleMania 25

This year’s WrestleMania was okay. Nowhere near what a WrestleMania should be like. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match- I do not understand why they had Primo & Carlito win this one, to be honest. The only reason I can think of is that they are having Miz or Morrison switch brands. I vote for Morrison to be moved back to RAW. Miz should stay on ECW.
Money-in-the-Bank Ladder Match- CM Punk winning was kind of surprising to me. The fans did not seem overwhelmed to see Punk win it again. I just hope that Christian did not win for a good reason, but I fear that that is not the case. Everyone except Mark Henry was great in this match. That bump that Finlay took on that ladder looked rough. I did like Christian standing on the top rope and actually managing to get the ladder set back up just using momentum. I thought for sure that would fail. Benjamin had some great spots in this one too.
Kid Rock’s performance was just a waste of time. I could understand if they just had him perform “So Hott” for the Divas entrance. I think the former Divas (which were Sunny, Victoria, Molly Holly, Jackie Gayda, Joy Giovanni, & Torrie Wilson, by the way) should have got their own entrances.
25-Diva Battle Royal- I would almost bet money that the crowd in Houston was unaware of any of the former Divas in the match. “Santina” winning was great from an entertainment standpoint, but I feel sorry for Marella. I was okay with “Harvina”, since Wippleman is kind of a gangly stick anyways, but for a guy like Marella, it’s got to be embarrassing. Assuming that was Marella. Marella in drag could be confused for Chyna (zing). This Battle Royal made me look like a lazy reporter as there were so many eliminations that no one acknowledged and some that you could not even see that I could not list the eliminations and I had a hard time naming all of the 25 participants, but I got it figured out eventually (the names, that is).
3-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match- This match would have been much better had it been Jericho Vs. Steamboat one-on-one. Snuka & Piper just embarrassed themselves and really just proved Jericho’s point(s) over the last several weeks. I was surprised by Steamboat’s performance in the match. Everything was so predictable ahead of time that it took all of the juice out of this match and the post-match happenings.
Matt Hardy Vs. Jeff Hardy- This match was great, not as great as it could have been, but still brutal. Matt looked the worse for wear coming out of the match. I can easily see both Hardys taking time off after this one.
Intercontinental Championship- I think that the only reason Rey won the Intercontinental Title is so they can switch Rey with MVP in the Draft and have the two championships change brands. As far as JBL quitting, it’s hard to tell anymore if it is legitimate or not. While it is more than likely an angle, I could see JBL being done with the WWE too. It’s not like he really “needs” to be a wrestler, he does fine in the financial world (or that is what we are led to believe). I could still see him being an announcer again. Regardless of the angle, it was sad to see JBL get jobbed out in 21 seconds. What was the point of all that?
The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels- I can not say enough to express how awesome this match was. I knew it would be the show-stealer, but it way surpassed that. The way the two World Title matches were, this should have been the main event.
World Heavyweight Championship- John Cena regaining the title is not the least bit surprising as it was obvious he would take the title again. Reign of Doom: Part 5 is upon us. It really rings true to Cena being Vince’s “pet” as Vince has Cena as champion over two guys who could be and have been legitimate champions. I expect to see Cena switch over to SmackDown and I see Edge coming to RAW. That is the only good thing to come out of this title win.
Austin’s Celebration- I really enjoyed the celebration of Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was a great send-off for him.
WWE Championship- You talk about a match that was a big disappointment. The build-up was much more intense and much better than the match itself. It did not feel like enough, if that makes any sense. Having them hit their finishers early in the match was an unexpected occurrence, but the rest outright sucked. No McMahon or Legacy involvement. They have to make up for this one at Backlash.
Expect my next blog after the WWE Draft next week. Peace!

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I cannot agree with you more on most of what you posted – the exceptions – Santino! – No, it was not great from “an entertainment stand point of view” having a man win this title. I really wanted Victoria to win this one since she’s the one giving all of these young girls chances to prove what they have in the ring.
This has been the most disappointing Wrestlemania I’ve ever seen! Vince, you definitely need to fire someone!

OK WrestleMania was not bad, could of been better but was okay.

The Undertaker and HBK match was the best by far in the WHOLE night wich was always going to happen.

I think that the HHH and Orton match should of been a no DQ match so that HHH could of got more revenge and he could of beat on him a lot more.

The Money in the Bank ladder match was not bad but I think having CM Punk win was the wrong move, I think either Kane, Finaly or Christan should of won because of the fan base and there would be more excitement of them winning it rather then CM Punk. Don’t get me wrong CM Punk is so good at what he does but I think having Christian win would of been better because having him come back then win something like that would of been great, they should even get Captain Charisma and Edge back together to see that again.

That is my point of view so yeah, cheers.

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