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TNA: Update On Danny Bonaduce Wrestling At Lockdown PPV

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the planned Eric Young vs Danny Bonaduce match which was originally scheduled to take place at TNA’s Lockdown PPV, will NOT air on the show. Instead, the bout will take place as a dark match for the live crowd.

The call was made to pull the match from the PPV by Dixie Carter, who felt that the Lockdown PPV was too serious of an event to feature what will most likely end up being a comedy match between the two personalities. The decision to make the bout a dark match would explain why we have not seen the footage of Young and Bonaduce’s morning show encounter on any Impact broadcasts.

It should be noted, however, that Eric Young did workout with Danny Bonaduce in the ring in order to evaluate the former CCW star’s ability and Young reportedly told TNA officials that Bonaduce was ready to appear on a live PPV event. However, Dixie Carter later changed her mind, and felt that although Bonaduce might have been capable of having a good match with Young on PPV, she didn’t want anything to take away from the seriousness of the Lockdown event.