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WWE: Update On The Return Of Batista To Raw

It’s being reported that Raw star Batista told WWE officials several weeks ago that his rehab was running ahead of schedule, and that he wanted to return to Raw as soon as possible. This explains why he made a sudden return to TV this past Monday night. It’s also being said that prior to his injury, The Animal told company officials that he needed some time off, as he was suffering from burnout and wanted to rest up some nagging injuries. However, with several other Raw stars claiming the same thing, management requested that Batista remain on TV and work through his issues as they felt the show could not do without his presence. This of course lead to Batista suffering a hamstring injury which has now kept him out of action for several months. Now that he has returned, the fear internally is that at his age, it might not have been a smart move for him to return to action before he is fully healed.