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Tazz Talks About Leaving WWE And More On His Facebook Page

The following was posted by Tazz on his which can be visited by clicking HERE


Well, after leaving WWE recently, I would like to make my first public comments here on the page. I would like to thank the Pro Wrestling fan base for the support through all my years with ECW & WWE! I especially want to thank all of you on this Facebook fan page from all over the world! I try to read most of your comments and I am truly flattered on how many of you supported what I did in the real ECW and my broadcasting accomplishments in WWE. Lets face it, after my debut at MSG vs the great Kurt Angle their wasn’t much for me to "hang my hat on" as a wrestler during my tenure wrestling for WWE.

Now, I want to clear up some "true & false" for all of you….

-My contract expired the end of March and I had given my notice several weeks prior
-I ask WWE for my release to pursue other interest
-I offered to call Wrestlemania while I was not contractually obligated….and offered to call the show for free to the company.
-I have fulfilled EVERY obligation to the WWE, and pride myself on leaving the proper/professional way.
-On my way out, from Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn & Stephanie ALL treated me great…which was cool.
-I APPRECIATE all of the offers for appearances but right now I’m just doing very few appearances (if any). I’m gonna chill out and watch my kid hit baseballs.
-I am done wrestling. At 41 years old, several neck and shoulder issues…not happening. I would be a former shell of myself.
-I too have hated the extra "Z"

-Burnout (If anything, I’m more inspired & motivated now than ever)

Hopefully that clears up some things people were saying in regards to my situation. Also, I have had the opportunity of becoming friends with so many talented & awesome people within the WWE while working there for nearly 10 years and will miss many of them! I would like to thank the writers, road & studio crew and all the talent…especially guys I have a closer friendship with.

I especially want thank three of the main play by play guys I’ve work with.

Joey Styles
-A dear friend whom I’ve been goombas with for 15 years and will stay friends with! I felt Joey never had a chance to truly be "Joey Styles" in WWE as an announce talent…that’s a shame. But the announce style is completely different than anything Joey ever really did in the business….tough to adapt.

Jim Ross
-The best of the best! True Hall of Famer and a man I respect and appreciate. I cannot thank him enough for all he has taught me as an announcer…as of recent JR & I were the Smack announce team and were doing a strong job in my view….we have shared some good times on many road trips as of recent…BOOMER SOONER!! And I’m a Nebraska Husker fan (lol)

Michael Cole
-One of my best friends…a guy that truly gave me the confidence to excel as a color commentator years ago in WWE…Cole taught me how to get over the talent, the storylines and get over the brand! He was the only one that had the balls to flat out say to me "its not about you anymore"…I respect that. Amazing work ethic, always would try to find a way for me to get over on him…zero ego & underrated!
I been hearing that Cole has been getting bashed by some on-line fans lately- check this out, if you work at McDonald’s and your boss wants you to cook BicMac’s…you than go and cook BIG MACS! Anyway, I look forward to working with Cole in the future in some capacity be it TV or Radio.

I want thank World Wrestling Entertainment and the McMahon Family for all the years and all the opportunities…they allowed me a great ride which I truly appreciate.

In closing, I’ve been in the Pro Wrestling business for 23 years and I don’t plan on disappearing anytime soon.

I plan to make an impact real soon in this, the ultimate in businesses and keep it’s honor….lol….sorry for crossing the line with my sophomoric humor! Survive if I let you.