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WWE: John Cena Movie ’12 Rounds’ Dissapoints Further At The Box Office is reporting that "12 Rounds," the latest WWE produced film starring John Cena, is playing on only 908 screens across the country. The film has had a huge box office drop-off and going into this weekend, the film had pulled in $11,066,551 in North America, and another $1,645,691 in overseas markets, putting it at $12,712,242 total.

Here is a breakdown of how "12 Rounds" compares other WWE films:

1. The Marine, starring John Cena: $22,165,608.
2. See No Evil, starring Kane: $18,420,968.
3. 12 Rounds, starring John Cena: $12,717,242 (estimated gross).
4. The Condemned, starring Steve Austin: $8,635,183.

It should be noted that although these figures do seem pretty low, WWE has not announced what the total budget for the film was, so we do not know at this time how much money it has either lost or gained. With an estimated gross of only $12.7 million at this point, it’s a pretty safe bet it’s not turning a profit.