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TNA: WWE’s Reaction to Lashley Debuting in TNA is reporting that internally, no one within WWE management was surprised to see Bobby Lashley sign a deal with TNA. The expectation on the part of WWE was that Lashley would end up working with the company sooner or later, as he has been a close friend of Booker T’s since his days with WWE. Similarly, Kurt Angle was pushing for TNA to bring Lashley into the company, and will both Booker and Angle on his side, the feeling within WWE was that he would definitely work with the company at some point.

It should be noted that although TNA has given Lashley the freedom to pursue an MMA career, reports are indicating that UFC President Dana White has said that he has no plans of using Lashley anytime soon as he wants to stay as far away from the wrestling business as he can.