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WWE: Update on the Return of Shawn Michaels


It looks as though Shawn Michaels will remain off television and out of the ring for a while longer. HBK continues to suffer from nagging knee injuries, which is the reported reason for his recent absence from in-ring competition.

Due to the draft, the RAW-brand isn’t hurting too bad from the absence of Michaels, as with Batista and some of the other main-event-caliber names that made the switch to RAW, the company feels there is enough top-tier babyface presence on Monday nights. This basically means if HBK needed time off, now isn’t the worst time for that to happen.

While there is no official word on exactly how much longer HBK will remain on the shelf, it is expected that he could be out until late July, returning in time to build-up a program leading into the SummerSlam pay-per-view.