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Taz Speaks About His Time In WWE

The following are excerpts from the latest Question & Answer session on Taz’s official Facebook page:

On His Favorite Opponent: I’ve been VERY lucky to wrestle some great stars & great guys from Undertaker, Stone Cold, Rock, Kurt Angle, HHH, Sabu, Dreamer, RVD, Team 3D, Bam Bam, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Edge. But honestly speaking, I had LOVED working with Chris Candido!! I had the opportunity to wrestle Candido from early Northeast Indies, Smoky Mountain and ECW (the real one!). Chris was an awesome guy that I miss very much and was grossly underrated!

On Wearing The Towel On His Head: Once the Taz-maniac died and TAZ was created (around 1994 or 95). Mike Tyson use to wear a white towel on his upper body that had a hole in it to slip his head trough. I thought that was bad-ass. I didnt want to copy his stuff or his gimmick so I thought I would use a black towel (and back than sometimes an orange towel) on my head insead of like a pancho like Tyson wore. Iron Mike wasn’t the biggest dog in the fight and was from the mean streets Brooklyn USA and also was a “no frills” combatant….so in my mind I saw a connection to his persona that inspire me back than.

On His Retirement In WWE: Absolutely NOT!!!! I felt like I had a certain legacy in my wrestling career before I arrived in WWE, a legacy that I was very proud of and I was concerned it would get tarnished even more by WWE….I wish it was 1 year! Along with the agents & writers they had back than and the “other powers that be”, I felt like they never had a CLUE what the Taz character was truly about. Obviously my neck issues had a lot to do with me hanging them up also.

On His Friends From The Real ECW: Sabu and I havent talk since I last saw him in WWE a few years back…and I was texting back & forth a couple of weeks ago w/RVD and all seemed fine to me! If they were “taking slight shots” (as you put it) that means nothing to me. I have NO problem with either of those guys and l respect both of them very much.

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