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WWE RAW May 11, 2009 Match Results

The 833rd edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH.

Match Results

  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (Legacy) def. Batista by DQ after the referee sees Batista holding a steel chair.
  • Mickie James & Kelly Kelly def. Maryse & Jillian by Mickie James pinning Maryse following the Mickie-T.
  • The Brian Kendrick def. Carlito by roll-up.
  • Santina Marella def. Beth Phoenix by roll-up.
  • MVP & Kofi Kingston def. William Regal & Matt Hardy by MVP pinning William Regal following the Playmaker.
  • Non-Title: Randy Orton def. Batista by DQ after Batista attacks Randy Orton with a steel chair.

Match Quality

  1. MVP & Kofi Kingston Vs. William Regal & Matt Hardy
  2. The Brian Kendrick Vs. Carlito
  3. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Vs. Batista
  4. Mickie James & Kelly Kelly Vs. Maryse & Jillian
  5. Santina Marella Vs. Beth Phoenix
  6. Randy Orton Vs. Batista


It was announced during RAW that Rey Mysterio will defend the Intercontinental Title against Chris Jericho this Sunday at Judgment Day.

Also, it was announced that ECW Champion Christian’s talk show- "The Peep Show" will return on ECW tomorrow night with special guest- Jack Swagger.