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WWE: Tommy Dreamer Speaks About His Future In Wrestling And More

In his latest blog, Tommy Dreamer opted to discuss different “internet rumors” regarding himself.  In a nutshell, he noted he was not retiring if he left WWE, but if he didn’t win the ECW belt, he wasn’t going to Smackdown or Raw.

In regard to reports that Dreamer was offered a new deal (which we’ve mentioned here in the Elite section), Dreamer wrote, “WWE offered me a new contract about a month before I made my speech. WWE offered me a three year deal which was great. I have no problems with WWE. I spoke to Vince McMahon and told him my feelings and career aspirations and he fully supported them. I am a man that has to set goals and is responsible for my actions. I am not one to hang around and collect a paycheck. I did this to prove something to the fans and to myself.”

Dreamer also commented on rumors he was TNA bound (I haven’t heard that at all), commenting, ” I have close relationships with many of their wrestlers. I have nothing but great things to say about Dixie Carter. I have tons of respect for Jeff Jarrett for what he did in WWE as well as for taking a risk in starting your own company (been there it is so hard). I watch every week because I am a huge wrestling fan and enjoy the show. I am just seeing my journey to the end. Good or bad.”