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Big News: Buff Bagwell Wants To Come To WWE!

The following is an excerpt from an article in the New York Daily News:

Former five-time WCW Tag Team Champion Buff Bagwell visited my aunts’ holiday "Burger and Bean Blast" and chatted with King Gremlin.

He commented on the rampant rumors about him coming to TNA. "I don’t know who started them, but (the rumors) are totally false. I have not been contacted by TNA. If they did call, I’d answer (even if it was collect) and listen."

Bagwell was last on the big stage in 2001 in the WCW. Since then he’s done some independent circuit work but admits he wants to get back on the big stage.

When asked if not TNA what about the WWE, his face lit up. "I’d love to join them so much I’d work for free!"