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This Week In WWE: May 31, 2009- June 6, 2009

This Week In WWE: Edition LVII
May 31, 2009- June 6, 2009

Welcome to the fifty-seventh edition of This Week In WWE. Feel free to contact me on TWO or Wrestling 101 anytime with comments, questions, and anything in between. Also, check out my blog on I have added a new section at the end of the article highlighting a different WWE Superstar or Diva every week. Please contact me if you have a request for a Superstar you would like to see highlighted in an upcoming edition.

The 836th edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) in Birmingham, AL. Confirmed for the last RAW before Extreme Rules was a Steel Cage Match between "The Animal" Batista and either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase; Batista’s opponent would be determined by a coin toss administered by WWE Champion Randy Orton. "The World’s Largest Athlete" Big Show & The Miz would take on John Cena & a randomly selected partner. Also, MVP would defend the United States Title against "The Jamaican Sensation" Kofi Kingston. The Divas would be in action, as well, as Divas Champion Maryse would team with "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix to take on the team of Mickie James & Kelly Kelly.

Monday Night RAW
Good Week For: Kofi Kingston (won the United States Title from MVP)
Bad Week For: Ric Flair (got bloodied, assaulted, RKO’d, and punted by Randy Orton)

And In Other News…

The show kicked off with all three members of Legacy in the ring, surrounded by a Steel Cage. WWE Champion Randy Orton stated that he would administer a coin toss to determine which Legacy member, either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase, would face Orton’s #1 Contender, Batista, in a Steel Cage Match on RAW; Rhodes would be represented by heads and DiBiase would be represented by tails. Unfortunately for Cody Rhodes, the coin landed on heads and Rhodes would have to face Batista in a Steel Cage Match. Randy Orton then walks out of the cage door and proclaims that that will be the site at Extreme Rules when he exits the cage as the WWE Champion. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair comes out and calls the champion a "punk". The Hall of Famer then tells Orton that he is going to keep coming out every week to challenge Randy Orton to a fight until Orton accepts. Flair then challenges Orton to a fight in the parking lot in a "fight to the finish!" The WWE Champion then accepts the challenge! Orton then tells Flair that the night would be one that Flair will never forget because he won’t be able to remember it when he is done. Did Flair make the right choice by challenging Orton or is Orton endangering his chances of retaining the WWE Title this Sunday?

The opening match of the night was a Steel Cage Match between "The Animal" Batista and Legacy member, Cody Rhodes. During the match, Randy Orton made his way to ringside. "The Animal" made quick work of Rhodes as Orton watched what could be his future come Extreme Rules.

Backstage in RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero’s office, Vickie & Chavo are with Big Show. Vickie then has Big Show draw a "random" name from a bag containing the names of all the members of the RAW roster to decide who John Cena’s partner will be when they take on Big Show & The Miz later on. Big Show drew the name of Chavo Guerrero! This so called "random" pick did not bode well for Cena as he would likely find himself in a 3-on-1 situation. After drawing the name, Big Show told Chavo to "stay out of my way or get hurt".

The RAW Divas were also in action as Divas Champion Maryse teamed up with Beth Phoenix to defeat Mickie James & Kelly Kelly.

In a non-title bout, Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito squared off with Matt Hardy & William Regal. Things were looking good for Vickie’s newest henchmen until Matt Hardy inadvertantly struck William Regal with his cast! This led to Carlito hitting the Back Stabber and pinning Regal to pick up the win.

Then it was time for John Cena to team with his "randomly selected" partner, Chavo Guerrero, to take on the team of Cena’s Extreme Rules opponent, Big Show, and The Miz. Before the match got underway, Big Show ordered The Miz to stay on the apron. After Show knocks Cena to the outside, Miz attacks Cena behind the referee’s back. Big Show reprimands his tag team partner and tells Miz that "there is no team". Not heeding the warnings of "The World’s Largest Athlete", The Miz tagged himself into the contest. A little later on in the match, Big Show reached out for the tag from Miz, but Miz refused to tag Show into the match. Having had enough of The Miz, Big Show knocked Miz out cold with his straight right hand! Chavo Guerrero tagged himself in and pinned The Miz to steal the victory for himself and John Cena! After the match, Chavo got his "thanks" from John Cena in the form of an Attitude Adjustment. Then, Cena & Show square off in a brawl with the other. Cena then goes to the top rope to try and take down Big Show, but when Cena flies, Show grounds Cena with the vicious knockout punch. With Cena out of it, Show locked in his modified camel clutch on Cena. What will go down when these two personal rivals square off in a Submission Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules? Will Big Show continue his dominance over Cena or will Cena find a way to make the behemoth submit?

Then it was time for MVP to defend the United States Championship against Kofi Kingston. The two hungry RAW Superstrs fought tooth-and-nail against each other with counter after counter. In the end, Kofi was able to surprise MVP with a roll-up to become the new United States Champion! After losing the United States Title, MVP grabbed the title belt and "passed the torch" to Kofi by handing the title to the new champion. Now that Kofi has won the United States Title, can "The Jamaican Sensation" hang onto it?

It was announced on after RAW that Kofi Kingston will make his first defense of the United States Title this Sunday at Extreme Rules when he defends against Matt Hardy, William Regal, and former champion MVP in a Fatal 4-Way Match!

RAW General Manager & "Miss WrestleMania" Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring with two buckets of slop as she prepared to battle Santino Marella just six nights before she faced Santino’s "twin sister" Santina in a Hog Pen Match for the "Miss WrestleMania" crown at Extreme Rules. Santino came out and grabbed one of the buckets of slop and threatened to throw it on Vickie. Before he could, Matt Hardy & William Regal rushed to the ring. Santino then whipped around and covered William Regal in the disgusting concauction. Infuriated and covered in slop, Regal & Matt Hardy assaulted Santino. Matt then knocked Santino out with his cast. Set on humiliating Santino, Vickie dumped the other bucket of slop all over Santino Marella!

Then it was time for the "fight to the finish" between WWE Champion Randy Orton and Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Orton cautiously searched the parking lot for Flair. Not a stranger to fights, Flair ambushed Orton and threw him into a steel garage door. Flair then lays into Orton with several of his vintage chops. Orton then fights back against the "Nature Boy". The now bloodied WWE Champion throws his former mentor into a stack of anvil cases. Flair then fires back and the two of them fight each other out into the main part of the arena. Orton throws Flair onto the entrance ramp and stomps away at the Hall of Famer. Orton then tries to throw Flair off of the stage, but Flair counters with a low blow. "Naitch" then throws Orton onto the entrance ramp. Orton rolls down the ramp to ringside. Even with a bad laceration on the top of his head, Flair continues to fight Orton. Flair then throws the bloodied head of Orton into the side of the steel cage that surrounds the ring. Flair then clears off the announce table at ringside and places Orton on it. Flair then attacks the legs of Orton before locking in the famous Figure-4 on the announce table! With Orton in serious trouble, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase rush to his aid and attack the "Nature Boy". As Orton recovers, Rhodes & DiBiase throw Flair inside the steel cage-surrounded ring. Orton then joins the fray and all three members of Legacy assault the Hall of Famer. Orton then instructs Rhodes & DiBiase to leave and lock the cage door behind them. After doing so, Batista makes his way down to the ring to try and help his friend and mentor, but even "The Animal" is unable to break into the cage to help Flair. With Flair all to himself and no one able to save Flair, Orton looks straight at his Extreme Rules opponent as he delivers a devastating RKO to Flair. Batista goes into a rage on the outside as he watches the destruction of Ric Flair. Knowing that there is no one able to stop him, "The Viper" Randy Orton then delivers a vicious punt to the skull of Ric Flair! After possibly taking Flair out for good, Orton came face-to-face with his #1 Contender, Batista with the steel cage in between the two of them. A furious Batista vows to Orton that he will "break Orton in half" for Orton’s brutal assault on Ric Flair. Has Orton sealed his own fate for Extreme Rules by leaving Batista’s best friend motionless in the ring or has Orton got inside the head of "The Animal" for their Steel Cage Match this Sunday?

The 156th edition of ECW on Sci-Fi came to you from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN. Confirmed for the final ECW before Extreme Rules was a non-title match between ECW Champion Christian & Hart Dynasty member, Tyson Kidd.

ECW on Sci-Fi
Good Week For: Tommy Dreamer (defeated Paul Burchill and planted the ECW Champion with a DDT)
Bad Week For: Mark Henry (lost to Evan Bourne for the second week in a row)

And In Other News…

The opening match of the night saw a rematch from last week as Evan Bourne took on "The World’s Strongest Man" Mark Henry. When it looked like Bourne was ready to fly, Hall of Famer and Mark Henry’s manager, Tony Atlas, tried to pull Bourne off of the top turnbuckle. Unfortunately for Henry & Atlas, the referee caught Atlas in the act and called for the disqualification, meaning that Evan Bourne has defeated Mark Henry two week in a row. After the match, Mark Henry charged at Bourne, but Bourne low-bridged Henry, sending him to the outside. As Evan Bourne celebrated his unlikely victory, Mark Henry read the riot act to Tony Atlas, who apologized profusely. Henry responded by calling Atlas "sorry". Are we starting to see dissension between Mark Henry & Tony Atlas? What is the next chapter in the developing feud between Mark Henry & Evan Bourne?

Zack Ryder was in action, picking up a decisive win over Dustin Carwile.

On what could be his final appearance on ECW, Tommy Dreamer was able to defeat "The Ripper" Paul Burchill. After the match, Dreamer thanked the WWE fans and stated that he wanted to say "goodbye" in case he does not win the ECW Title this Sunday. Jack Swagger interrupted the emotional speech and told the "ECW Original" that no one cares about Dreamer and that he is sick of hearing about Tommy Dreamer and his vow to win the title or walk away. "The All-American American" then vows to win back the ECW Title in the Hardcore Rules Triple Threat Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Swagger then said that he would finally have Dreamer off of "his show". Swagger also accused Dreamer of "grasping for glory". Dreamer stated that he would never "grasp for glory" and that he will win the ECW Title at Extreme Rules and show up on ECW next week as the new champion! Can Tommy Dreamer realize his dream and win the ECW Championship again or will Jack Swagger thrive in the hardcore environment and regain the ECW Title? Not one to shy away from Hardcore Matches, could Christian hang on to his title and dash the hopes of both of his challengers?

Then it was time for the main event as ECW Champion, Christian, took on Hart Dynasty member, Tyson Kidd, in a non-title match. In the middle of the match, Jack Swagger leisurely made his way to ringside, momentarily distracting the ECW Champion. Tommy Dreamer then rushed to ringside and took out both Jack Swagger & Hart Dynasty member, David Hart Smith. Tyson Kidd then laid Dreamer out on the outside of the ring. With all of the melee going on, Christian was able to capitalize and hit the Killswitch and pick up the all-important win heading into his Hardcore Triple Threat title defense this Sunday. Can Christian "out hardcore" the hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer and the vicious "All-American American" Jack Swagger or will Christian fall to one of these confident former champions? After the match had concluded, Tommy Dreamer planted Christian with his patented DDT! Dreamer has sent his message loud and clear to both of his opponents this Sunday. Is Dreamer in the right mindset to win the ECW Title at Extreme Rules?

The 8th edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) in Birmingham, AL. Confirmed for Superstars was a SmackDown main event that would see the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Jeff Hardy, team up with R-Truth to take on the team of Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler. ECW would be represented on Superstars by a one-on-one match between David Hart Smith & Tommy Dreamer. In the RAW contribution to Superstars, Goldust & Hornswoggle would take on The Brian Kendrick and his latest potential partner for tag team gold, Jamie Noble.

WWE Superstars
Good Week For: David Hart Smith (picked up a big win over Tommy Dreamer)
Bad Week For: Tommy Dreamer (lost to David Hart Smith en route to the ECW Title match at Extreme Rules)

And In Other News…

The opening match of the night belonged to RAW the bizarre pairing of Goldust & Hornswoggle defeated The Brian Kendrick and his latest potential co-champion, Jamie Noble. Will The Brian Kendrick ever find "the" perfect partner to challenge Primo & Carlito for the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles?

ECW was represented on Superstars as the "ECW Original" Tommy Dreamer squared off with one-third of The Hart Dynasty, David Hart Smith. ECW Champion Christian was a guest commentator for the match. In the middle of the match, Natalya tried to hand David Hart Smith a steel chair to use on Tommy Dreamer, but Christian intervened and took the chair away from "The Anvilette". Unfortunately for Tommy Dreamer, the ECW Champion inadvertently distracted the referee, which gave Tyson Kidd the opportunity to deliver a vicious boot to the skull of Tommy Dreamer. David Hart Smith then pinned the "ECW Original" to pick up the big win. With his momentum gained on ECW now gone, can Tommy Dreamer get it back and win the ECW Title this Sunday at Extreme Rules or have we seen the last of Tommy Dreamer?

Then it was time for SmackDown’s offering to Superstars as "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy teamed with fellow North Carolinian R-Truth to take on the narcissistic team of Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler. Before the match could get underway, Chris Jericho had some words about his Extreme Rules opponent, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio. Jericho proclaimed that WWE Superstars is "his show" since he is the "ultimate superstar". Jericho then refers to Rey as the "ultimate hypocrite" and then guaranteed to take both the mask of Rey Mysterio and his Intercontinental Title in the No Holds Barred match at Extreme Rules.

In the SmackDown main event, the team of Jeff Hardy & R-Truth defeated the team of Chris Jericho & Dolph Ziggler after Jeff Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb and got the pin over Dolph Ziggler. Will Jeff Hardy’s momentum continue tomorrow night on SmackDown when he is a guest on a "special ladder edition" of The Cutting Edge? Sparks are guaranteed to fly when Edge & Jeff Hardy are in the same ring just forty-eight hours before they battle over the World Heavyweight Title in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules. Edge will have "double duty" on SmackDown as, in addition to hosting his #1 Contender in The Cutting Edge, the World Heavyweight Champion will take on the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio in a Champion Vs. Champion match. Will a match of this magnitude weaken Edge for Extreme Rules or will it offer momentum for the World Heavyweight Champion?

The 511th edition of WWE SmackDown came to you from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN. Confirmed for the final stop before Extreme Rules was a non-title Champion Vs. Champion match as World Heavyweight Champion Edge took on Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio. World Heavyweight Champion Edge would also host a "Special Ladder Edition" of The Cutting Edge. In a Judgment Day Rematch, "Mr. Money-in-the-Bank" CM Punk would take on "The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga just two days before their Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules. Also, the SmackDown Divas would be in action in a 6-Diva Tag Match.

Friday Night SmackDown
Good Week For: Edge (shoved Jeff Hardy off of a ladder and defeated Rey Mysterio)
Bad Week For: Melina (pinned by Layla with some help from Michelle McCool)

And In Other News…

SmackDown opened with the Special Ladder Edition of The Cutting Edge. World Heavyweight Champion Edge started by introducing his challenger for the World Heavyweight Title in a Ladder Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules, Jeff Hardy. Jeff came out and climbed to the top of one of the many ladders set up for the Ladder Edition of The Cutting Edge. Jeff told Edge that Edge could talk to him up there. Jeff then vowed that he would win the World Heavyweight Title this Sunday. Edge tells his #1 Contender that each time Jeff climbs the ladder this Sunday, he will knock Jeff back down and that he will be the one grabbing the World Heavyweight Title to keep the title at Extreme Rules. "The Rated-R Superstar" then climbs to the top of another ladder to face his opponent. Jeff stated that he is proud of "who and what he is". Jeff then proclaims that the chances he takes this Sunday will be his "salvation". The World Heavyweight Champion then bashes Jeff two times with the World Heavyweight Title belt that is suspended in the air. With Jeff vulnerable, the dastardly Edge pushed the ladder, with Jeff on top it, over. This caused Jeff to land on the ring ropes, then bounced off of the ring apron, and hit the arena floor. After this act, Jeff had to be assisted to the backstage area. Has Edge proved that he is more proficient at utilizing ladders than Jeff or has Edge just raised the ire of "The Charismatic Enigma" for their match at Extreme Rules?

The opening match of the night saw the "Guru of Greatness" John Morrison defeat "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin for the third time in one-on-one action. Is Shelton Benjamin capable of defeating John Morrison or is the "Friday Night Delight" simply better than "The Gold Standard"?

Before his match, Chris Jericho had a few words to say about his No Holds Barred match against Rey Mysterio this Sunday. Jericho states that Rey Mysterio should be "very afraid" of Chris Jericho. Jericho said that he is going to "demolish" Rey in their No Holds Barred bout. Jericho then guarantees to break his own record and become a nine-time Intercontinental Champion and walk away from the match having unmasked Rey Mysterio. Jericho’s opponent, R-Truth, interrupted. Jericho told R-Truth that Truth interrupted Jericho on "his show". Jericho said that he was not done with what he had to say. R-Truth responded by telling Jericho the he’s "done". Truth tells Jericho that Jericho is the "hypocrite", not Rey Mysterio or the fans. Truth then told Jericho to "quit playing".

Chris Jericho caught R-Truth with the Codebreaker to pick up the win en route to his Intercontinental Championship No Holds Barred match against Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules. After the match, Rey Mysterio attacked Chris Jericho in response to Jericho’s attack last week. Referees pulled Mysterio off of Jericho, but Mysterio broke loose and leapt off of the staging area and hit his signature seated senton on Chris Jericho on the concrete floor below. Both men have proven that they can thrive in a No Holds Barred environment, who will emerge victorious this Sunday? Will Rey Mysterio shut Chris Jericho up or will Jericho unmask Rey and become the new Intercontinental Champion for the ninth time?

Two days before their Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules, CM Punk squared off with Umaga on SmackDown. In an amazing feat of strength, CM Punk managed to lift the super heavyweight up on his shoulders and hit the GTS to pick up a major win over Umaga just forty-eight hours before their Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules! Can CM Punk manage to defeat Umaga again this Sunday or will "The Samoan Bulldozer" run right over CM Punk?

The Divas of SmackDown were also in action in a 6-Diva Tag Match with Maria as the Special Guest Referee! In the match, the #1 Contender for the Women’s Title, Michelle McCool, teamed up with Alicia Fox & Layla to take on the team of Women’s Champion Melina, Gail Kim, & Eve. With some help from Michelle McCool, Layla was able to hit a neckbreaker and pin the Women’s Champion! When will Melina & McCool do battle over the prestigious Women’s Title?

The Great Khali finally got his hands on, and defeated, Dolph Ziggler.

Then it was time for the special main event as World Heavyweight Champion Edge squared off with Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio in a Champion Vs. Champion match just two days before their respective matches at Extreme Rules. In the end, Edge was able to outmaneuver and outsmart Rey Mysterio to hit his signature Spear and pin the Intercontinental Champion to gain some major momentum heading into his Ladder Match with Jeff Hardy this Sunday. After the match, "The Ultimate Opportunist" brought a ladder out from under the ring. Before he could use it on Mysterio, Jeff Hardy rushed to the ring with a steel chair and hit the ladder into Edge. Jeff then laid the champion out with a Twist of Fate on the ladder! Jeff followed it up with his signature leg drop from the ladder. "The Extreme Enigma" then stood tall with the World Heavyweight Title. Will this be the same scene at Extreme Rules when Edge & Jeff Hardy face off for Edge’s World Heavyweight Title in a Ladder Match?

 Superstar of the Week: Kofi Kingston

Extreme Rules Preview
The 2nd annual WWE Extreme Rules will come to you, live on pay-per-view, from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA on June 7.

At Judgment Day, WWE Champion Randy Orton did all he could to keep his title and stay away from Batista. After failing to get intentionally disqualified and counted out, Orton resorted to slapping the referee, leaving the referee no choice but to disqualify Orton. Orton kept the WWE Title, but after his Legact co-horts, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, ran to the ring, Orton orchestrated a 3-on-1 beatdown of "The Animal". However, Batista’s former mentor, Hall of Famer Ric Flair, made the save for Batista. The next night on RAW, Ric Flair informed the WWE Champion Randy Orton that Batista will be getting another shot at the WWE Title at Extreme Rules in a match where there will be no disqualifications or count-outs and no interference from Legacy or anyone else; a Steel Cage Match! Will "The Animal" Batista finally get his ultimate revenge on Randy Orton by taking the WWE Title or will "The Viper" manage to escape New Orleans the WWE Champion?

In a rivarly that has been brewing for over ten years, two of the WWE’s top stars will square off as Edge defends the World Heavyweight Title against "The Charismatic Engima" Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match! Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in a non-title match on a recent edition of SmackDown to earn the right to choose the stipulation for Extreme Rules. Jeff chose one of the most dangerous matches in the WWE. A match that both himself and Edge are very familiar with. Edge has proclaimed that he is a "winner" and Jeff is a "loser" over recent weeks, even calling Jeff a "screw up". Edge is confident that he "owns" the Ladder Match and will walk out of Extreme Rules the World Heavyweight Champion, but Jeff Hardy is intent on punishing Edge and taking the World Heavyweight Title. Jeff has said that a Ladder Match is his "comfort zone". Which of these two masters of the Ladder Match will emerge World Heavyweight Champion at Extreme Rules? Will Jeff Hardy prove that he can win the big one again or will "The Ultimate Opportunist", Edge, "exterminate" Jeff Hardy like he has promised to do?

Ever since losing the ECW Championship to Christian in controversial fashion at Backlash, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger has forced his way into the ECW Title picture. At Judgment Day, ECW Champion Christian again used "questionable tactics" to retain the title against Jack Swagger. Following Judgment Day, Swagger wanted another rematch and proclaimed that Christian did not beat him. On two separate occassions, Swagger has intefered in an ECW Title Match between champion Christian and the "ECW Original" Tommy Dreamer. A few months ago, Tommy Dreamer made a promise to himself that, if he did not win the ECW Title by the time his contract expires on June 6, he would walk away from ECW. Tommy Dreamer agreed to a one-day contract extension to allow himself one last opportunity to win the ECW Title. Christian, the fighting champion, Jack Swagger, the wronged former champion, and Tommy Dreamer, the hopeful legend will face each other in a Hardcore Rules Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules. Will Tommy Dreamer be able to win the ECW Title one more time? Can Jack Swagger prove to the world that Christian never defeated him by taking the ECW Title back or will "Captain Charisma" Christian vanquish the hopes and dreams of both challengers and hang on to the ECW Title?

John Cena & Big Show squared off at Judgment Day after Big Show cost John Cena the World Heavyweight Title at Backlash. Cena tried on multiple occasions in that match to lock the STF on Big Show, but Show was just too large to successfully lock the move in place. Now these two long-time rivals will face off again at Extreme Rules; this time in a Submission Match. The only way to win a Submission Match is by forcing your opponent to submit. Cena can not apply the STF to "The World’s Largest Athlete", will Cena come up with a "plan B" or will Big Show use his size and power advantage to make Cena tap out at Extreme Rules?

Ever since returning to SmackDown via the WWE Draft, Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio has had his hands full with Chris Jericho. It all started following a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match prior to Judgment Day that would decide the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. Jericho used a steel chair on Rey Mysterio and got disqualified from the match. Jericho feels that he was wronged in that situation and that he should have won that match. Stemming from that, Jericho has repeatedly insulted Rey Mysterio and the loyal Mysterio fans. Rey Mysterio has vowed to "shut Jericho up" at Extreme Rules as he defends the Intercontinental Title against Chris Jericho in a No Holds Barred Match. Jericho has recently put himself on a quest to unmask Rey Mysterio. Jericho has promised to unmask Rey at Extreme Rules; will Jericho live up to his promise and unmask Rey or will Rey live up to his promise and shut the mouth of Chris Jericho?

After winning the United States Title this past Monday on RAW, Kofi Kingston will have little time to enjoy his title win as he will make his first defense of the United States Title in a Fatal 4-Way Match against Matt Hardy, William Regal, & former champion MVP at Extreme Rules this Sunday. Can Kofi hang on to the title or will the numbers game lead to a short reign?

Ever since The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, CM Punk has held the Money-in-the-Bank briefcase and everyone has been wondering when Punk would cash in his opportunity. After being drafted to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, CM Punk set his sights on World Heavyweight Champion Edge. On a recent edition of SmackDown, CM Punk vowed to defeat the champion in a non-title match and then he would cash in his opportunity and defeat Edge for the title. CM Punk completed the first step by defeating World Heavyweight Champion Edge in a non-title match. However, as Punk was ready to cash in the Money-in-the-Bank opportunity, "The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga attacked CM Punk. The following week, Umaga again attacked CM Punk. While the reasoning behind these attacks are unknown, CM Punk has twice gotten the better of Umaga using his Money-in-the-Bank briefcase. "The Samoan Savage" Umaga then laid down a challenge for CM Punk at Extreme Rules for a Samoan Strap Match. Can "The Straightedge Superstar" CM Punk manage to drag a 350 lbs. Umaga with the Samoan Strap and touch all four corners to win the match or will Umaga annihilate "Mr. Money-in-the-Bank" at Extreme Rules?

For several weeks, the "twin siblings" Santino & Santina Marella have mocked RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero, referring to her as a "pig". On a recent edition of RAW, Vickie challenged Santina for his "Miss WrestleMania" crown. In a shocking turn of events, Vickie enlisted the help of her nephew, Chavo Guerrero, and William Regal to defeat Santina to win the title of "Miss WrestleMania". However, Santina wants a rematch for her title. After winning a Mixed Tag Match, Santina’s "twin brother" Santino picked the stipulation, so at Extreme Rules, it will be the new "Miss WrestleMania" Vickie Guerrero taking on Santina Marella in a Hog Pen Match! Will the RAW General Manager remain "Miss WrestleMania" or will the former titleholder regain what was stolen from her?

Superstar Profile of the Week
Name: Jeff Hardy
Born On: August 31, 1977 in Cameron, NC
Age: 31
Billed From: Cameron, NC
Resides: Raleigh, NC
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Superstar Since: 1998
One Time WWE Champion
Four Time WWE Intercontinental Champion
One Time WWE European Champion
Three Time WWE Hardcore Champion
One Time WWE Light Heavyweight Champion
Six Time WWE World Tag Team Champion (w/ Matt Hardy)
One Time WCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Matt Hardy)
2008 Slammy Award Winner (2008 Extreme Moment of the Year)
Ninth WWE Grand Slam Champion
Eighteenth WWE Triple Crown Champion