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WWE: Evan Bourne Says This Version Of ECW Is Superior To The Original

Evan Bourne says he’s a fan of the original ECW, yet he feels the WWE version is superior. "You can’t make a direct comparison between the rosters, as we’re so different," Bourne said. "But if you compare ECW now to the old ECW on TNN – we blow that show out of the water. Every week we blow it out of the water.

"I have tons of respect for Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Super Crazy, and Tajiri – as they were the guys I idolized growing up. I loved ECW. So that’s why I’m so proud to part of the current ECW, to make sure the name has the same feel and fans feel the same way I did at that age.

"The main difference is that the original ECW’s events weren’t as large as ours. They were wrestling in front of 4,000-5,000, whereas WWE’s arena shows attract 10,000." To read the full story, check out the UK Sun.