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WWE: Plans For Jericho vs Mysterio Feud Post Extreme Rules PPV Revealed

At last night’s WWE “Extreme Rules” pay-per view during the No Holds Barred Intercontinental title match, Chris Jericho unmasked Rey Mysterio en route to winning his record-breaking ninth I-C championship title.

As we reported over a month ago, the plan is for the Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho feud to go on for some time. Jericho personally requested a lengthy program with Mysterio. We also reported that Jericho would eventually win the I-C title and have a rematch with Mysterio where it would be Jericho putting the title on the line and Mysterio putting his mask on the line.

Whether or not the storyline plan is still for a title vs. mask stipulation in a future match, you can expect that Rey Mysterio and his mask being taken off while be a focal point in the feud with Jericho going forward.