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ECW June 9, 2009 Results

The 157th edition of ECW on Sci-Fi came to you from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS.

Quick Match Results

  • Evan Bourne def. Tony Atlas (with Mark Henry) by pin following Air Bourne.
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Vladimir Kozlov def. Luke Hawx & Chris Lewie (jobbers) by pinning Chris Lewie following the Iron Curtain.
  • The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) def. Christian & Jack Swagger by David Hart Smith pinning Christian following the Hart Attack.

Match Quality

  1. The Hart Dynasty Vs. Christian & Jack Swagger
  2. Evan Bourne Vs. Tony Atlas
  3. Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Luke Hawx & Chris Lewie

Detailed Results

The show kicked off with the Interim ECW General Manager Tiffany in the ring. Tiffany stated that Tommy Dreamer has not only won the ECW Title, but has earned a new contract to remain a part of ECW. Tiffany then introduces the new ECW Champion. The emotional new champion, Tommy Dreamer, said that even he did not believe he could win the title. Dreamer then thanked all of the fans for believing in him. Dreamer then readies himself to sign his new ECW contract when the former ECW champion, Christian, interrupts the ceremony. "Captain Charisma" called Jack Swagger a "dork" for losing the fall at Extreme Rules and costing him the ECW Title. Christian then shakes hands with Dreamer and tells the "ECW Original" that he is glad that Dreamer is still there. Dreamer gets ready to sign his new contract again when "The All-American American" Jack Swagger interrupts.  Swagger states that no one is happy to see that Dreamer is still on ECW. Swagger then proclaims that everyone is there to see him. Swagger then states his unhappiness with Tommy Dreamer getting to compete at Extreme Rules despite his contract expiring the night before it took place. Interim GM Tiffany tried to explain to Swagger that Dreamer signed a one-day contract extension to compete at Extreme Rules, but Swagger did not want to hear any of it and called Tiffany "blondie" and said that her decision to let Dreamer compete on Sunday will cost Tiffany her job. Swagger then claims that he talked to his lawyers and he plans to file a lawsuit to have Dreamer stripped of the ECW Title. After trying to recruit Christian to his side of the lawsuit, Christian gave Swagger a big "no" as Dreamer & Christian worked together to send Swagger out of the ring. Before he could get interrupted again, Dreamer quickly signed his new ECW contract. Dreamer then stood atop the middle turnbuckle and held his new championship high for all to see. Behind Dreamer’s back, however, Christian moved a table under Dreamer and proceeded to drill the new champion right through the table! How can Christian & Dreamer possibly co-exist as partners in the main event after this?

Backstage, Interim ECW General Manager Tiffany informs Christian that Tommy Dreamer will be unable to compete after going through the table, so Christian’s partner in the main event will be Jack Swagger! How will these two bitter enemies survive as a team against The Hart Dynasty?

The opening match of ECW was a "special attraction" of sorts as the WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas was in action! Atlas took on Evan Bourne, but was unable to defeat Bourne as Evan defeated the Hall of Famer. After the match, Mark Henry attacked Evan Bourne and laid the high-flyer out with the World’s Strongest Slam!

"The Russian Militant" Vladimir Kozlov was also in action, defeating Luke Hawx & Chris Lowie in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

Two big championship matches were announced for this Monday’s three-hour "3-For-All" special as a new WWE Champion will be decided in a Fatal 4-Way as four former champions face off when Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, & Big Show compete to determine the new champion! Tommy Dreamer will also make his first defense of the ECW Title against former champion, Christian!

The main event of the evening saw the dysfunctional duo of Christian & Jack Swagger take on The Hart Dynasty. At the end of the match, Jack Swagger attacked Christian with a neckbreaker over the ropes, which gave The Hart Dynasty the opportunity to hit the Hart Attack on Christian and earn a big win over the two former ECW Champions. After the match, Jack Swagger & The Hart Dynasty assaulted "Captain Charisma" until the new ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer, made his way to the ring with a kendo stick and cleared the ring. There will be no saving the other when Tommy Dreamer defends the ECW Title against Christian on RAW’s "3-For-All" special this Monday night. Will the dream continue for the ECW Champion or will Christian regain the ECW Title that he was never pinned or made to submit for?