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WWE RAW June 8, 2009 Results

The 837th edition of Monday Night RAW came to you, live, from the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA.

Quick Match Results

  • Non-Title: Kofi Kingston def. William Regal by pin following Trouble In Paradise.
  • Divas Championship: Maryse (c) def. Kelly Kelly by pin following the French Kiss DDT to retain.
  • 6-Man Tag: Santino Marella, Goldust, & Festus (with Hornswoggle) def. The Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, & Chavo Guerrero by Santino Marella rolling up Jamie Noble.
  • MVP def. Matt Hardy by pin following the Playmaker.
  • Non-Title: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Primo & Carlito by Ted DiBiase pinning Primo following Dream Street.
  • WWE Championship: Batista (c) & Randy Orton ends in a No Contest.

Match Quality

  1. MVP Vs. Matt Hardy
  2. Kofi Kingston Vs. William Regal
  3. 6-Man Tag
  4. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Vs. Primo & Carlito
  5. Divas Championship
  6. WWE Championship

Detailed Results

The show opens with the new WWE Champion, Batista. "The Animal" states that he won the WWE Title for his good friend Ric Flair and he also won it for the fans and himself. He said that he also won it for anyone who is "sick and tired" of Randy Orton. The new champion proclaimed that taking the WWE Title from Randy Orton was just the beginning. The former champion Randy Orton then interrupted. Orton slowly made his way to the ring, which gave Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase the opportunity to get in position for the ambush. Batista saw the attack coming and managed to fend off Legacy. Batista then lifted Orton up for the Batista Bomb, but Cody Rhodes intervened and blasted "The Anima" in the arm with a steel chair. All three members of Legacy then zoned in on the injury and viciously assaulted the new WWE Champion. As Rhodes & DiBiase held the arm in place, Orton relentlessly stomped the arm. Then Orton wrapped a steel chair around the arm of Batista and stomped the steel chair several times, doing heinous damage to Batista’s arm. In a sickening display, Orton then wrenched Batista’s arm against the grain and snapped the arm of "The Animal" backwards! Orton then took the WWE Title belt and held it high above his head before leaving with his cohorts. Paramedics then tended to the fallen Batista as they checked on the arm of "The Animal" and put Batista on a stretcher and rolled him into a waiting ambulance backstage. As he was placed in the ambulance, Batista said that he could not feel his arm and that he wanted his title. What are the repercussions of this unbelievably heinous attack by Randy Orton & Legacy? What is the severity of Batista’s injury? How does this affect the WWE Championship?

The opening match of the night saw United States Champion Kofi Kingston defeat William Regal in a non-title match.

Backstage, Randy Orton is interviewed about Legacy’s attack on Batista. Orton stated that he will be implementing his rematch clause for the WWE Championship against Batista tonight! Orton then proclaimed that, by the end of the night, he would be WWE Champion. Ever the opportunist, has Orton guaranteed himself the WWE Title or will the severely injured Batista somehow make it to defend his title?

With Mickie James on commentary, Maryse made a successful defense of the Divas Title against Kelly Kelly. After the match, Maryse tried to embarrass Kelly Kelly by slapping her multiple times. Having seen enough, Mickie James intervened, which led to the Divas Champion making her exit. Is Maryse truly afraid of Mickie James? If so, how long can the Divas Champion run from Mickie?

It was announced on RAW that next week’s RAW will be a "3-For-All" three hour special! The epic show will start at a special start time of 8/7c and will feature three hours of all three brands with all three of the brands’ top championships being on the line! The WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW Championship will all be on the line in this three-hour extravaganza!

In 6-Man Tag Team action, the bizzare team of Santino Marella, Goldust, & Festus defeated the team of The Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, & Chavo Guerrero.

Backstage, RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero confirms that the WWE Title match between champion Batista & Randy Orton would indeed take place on RAW. Vickie stated that the match would begin and, if Batista does not answer a 10-count by the referee, then Randy Orton will be awarded the WWE Title by forfeit! Vickie also promised a "huge announcement" that would "change the face of RAW forever."

Then it was put up or shut up time for The Miz as the self-proclaimed "Chick Magnet" took on a man who he proclaims has defeated on six different occasions, John Cena. Before Cena & Miz could get their match underway, an angry Big Show made his way to the ring. Cena quickly knocked The Miz to the outside then Cena tried to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show, but "The World’s Largest Athlete" got out of the maneuver and chokeslammed Cena. Show then locked in his dreaded camel clutch on Cena. However, The Miz rushed the ring with a steel chair and wore out Big Show with it. Miz then delivered a cheap shot to John Cena as well. Big Show recovered and chased The Miz off. Has Miz "stepped in it" this time by further angering Big Show? Will Big Show ever be finished with John Cena?

Prior to his match with Matt Hardy, former United States Champion MVP stated that he will win his match tonight and prove that he deserves to be the next man to earn a WWE Title opportunity on next week’s "3-For-All" special. MVP lived up to his word and defeated his old rival, Matt Hardy. Will MVP receive a championship match on next week’s RAW? Who will be WWE Champion next week?

RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero then makes an appearance to make her "major announcement". An emotional Vickie stated that she was humilated at Extreme Rules and that everyone is always laughing at her. Vickie proclaimed that she has "had it" and is tired of being laughed at. Vickie then drops a bombshell by announcing her resignation as the General Manager of RAW! Vickie’s estranged husband, Edge, comes out and tells Vickie that he was there to apologize to her for all the things he said last night, because he did not mean them. Edge then said that he no longer needs to apologize now that Vickie has resigned as General Manager. "The Ultimate Opportunist" then went straight to the heart by telling his wife that he only married her for her "power". Vickie refused to believe what Edge was saying. Edge then said that Vickie is now "worthless" and called Vickie a "she beast" and stated that kissing Vickie made him sick. Edge then proclaims that their marriage is over and screams that he wants a divorce! How will this divorce affect Edge & Vickie Guerrero? Now that Vickie has quit her job as the RAW General Manager, who is steering the ship that is Monday Night RAW?

In a non-title match, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase picked up a big win over the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Carlito, ensuring that the two of them would get a future shot at the tag titles.

Then it was time for the WWE Title to be put on the line. The former champion, Randy Orton, made his way to the ring to join his Legacy teammates in the ring with the WWE Title in his grasp. Orton then says that he hopes that Batista does not use Legacy’s assault as an "excuse". After Batista did not come out to face Orton, the referee had no choice but to start the match for the WWE Championship. As ordered by then General Manager Vickie Guerrero, the referee started his 10-count that, if completed, would "earn" Randy Orton the WWE Title. However, the referee stopped his count when the ambulance that Batista was taken out of the arena in returned to the arena! Orton awaits "The Animal" in the ring, but Orton did not get "The Animal", he got "The Game!" After being put out of action by Randy Orton at Backlash, Triple H returned to Monday Night RAW! With retribution on his mind, Triple H made his way to the ring with sledgehammer in hand. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase armed themselves with steel chairs and ran out to stop "The Game" from getting his hands on Legacy’s leader. Triple H quickly dispatched Rhodes & DiBiase with vicious sledgehammer shots. A rage fueled Triple H then dropped the sledgehammer and ran in the ring and started his assault on Randy Orton! Triple H beat Orton in the ring, out of the ring, at the announce table, and through the crowd before Orton ran back into the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Orton tried to blast "The Game", but Triple H dodged the shot and laid Orton out with a spinebuster. "The Cerebral Assassin" then took the steel chair and repeatedly struck the back of "The Viper". Triple H then focused on the knee of Orton before delivering a career threatening steel chair shot to the back of Orton’s neck! Triple H put an exclamation point on his revenge by planting the face of Orton on the steel chair with a Pedigree! Triple H has made a valiant return to RAW. Will Triple H do what his injured friend Batista set out to do and destroy Orton’s "legacy"? What is the status of the WWE Title? Is Batista still the champion? What is the condition of "The Animal"? Who will be the WWE Champion when RAW comes on the air next week?