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TNA: Former WWE Diva Explains Why She Joined The Comapny

Former WWE Diva Victoria (a/k/a Lisa Marie Varon) posted a note on her Myspace Page on Wednesday to explain why she left WWE. “I left because I didn’t enjoy my role, and I didn’t see it changing,” Varon wrote. “That, in addition to the brutal travel schedule, made it an easy choice for me to walk away and leave the opportunity available to one of the scores of female wrestlers who were anxiously awaiting their chance.”

Varon also explained why she signed with TNA. “TNA approached me with the offer to come to their organization, work a less rigorous schedule, and more importantly, wrestle to the best of my ability with no limitations,” she wrote. “Several people have debated whether this will affect my chance at one day being elected into the WWE Hall of Fame. I am flattered at my name even being mentioned with such an honor. And whether or not you believe that I am worthy, I really don’t think that WWE will hold it against me for doing other things after I left.”