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Lisa Marie Varon/Chris Benoit Rumor Totally False; Reporter Revealed

Justin Warren sent along the following:

Hi I wanted to pass along that the guy that made up the Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon)-Chris Benoit story is Daniel Pena. He writes for and owns and made up the story about Victoria being Chris Benoit’s mistress, which is 100 percent untrue. He posts on the Wrestling Observer board. I think it’s only fair for this to get out since he’s already damaged her reputation and this should clear up Victoria’s name in something she had nothing to do with in the first place.

Daniel Pena, on the Observer board, when he was criticized for making up the rumor that could be damaging to Lisa Varon’s reputation he wrote:

What can I say, I’m a paying customer.

I’m the opposite of Mike Johnson in that I’m surprised anyone would even know who I am. I always assume I fly under the radar, and no one will notice what I do. Which means, I post what I want and "The Internet" will get blamed if I cause something, not me specifically.

I actually had no plans to respond, but to my shock, my name was actually mentioned here. I don’t have to talk anymore though as I made my case.

Apparently he has a history of making things up. Missy Hyatt, who also posts on the Observer board took him to task for another posting on his website unrelated to Victoria and Chris Benoit.

Here is Missy’s post:

Hey danndogg75,

Thanks for telling people that I wrote that F’n article that bashed former WWE women workers, when instead it was a guy named Dan Bower that was posting it everywhere. I’m amazed on how much research yout put in on checking the crap that you post. You are quite the sh*t stirrer.

Pena wrote the following to Missy:

"Hi Missy,

I actually thought about it while I was at the gym before I read this because I didn’t think a simple "sorry" from a little post would cut it and I wasn’t too sure what else to do.

So yes, this week, I will put an apology up on my site and the two other places I post news at, which are and, apologizing to you.

Daniel "

As of this writing, there has been no public apology to Missy Hyatte, Victoria, or the Benoit family on any of the websites he said he posts at.

It’s unfortunate that people like Daniel Pena can get away with stuff like this. I hope the owners of and take notice of this guy and what he’s been doing. You can give Daniel a piece of your mind at