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SSP #12: WWE The Bash 2009 Predictions

The Bash or The Great American Bash as it was previously known as has always been my least favourite PPV ever since the WWE started using it. The fact that it has been renamed and now is a multi brand PPV is going to bring up my opinion”but only slightly. The card for this years Bash isn”t amazing but may have one or two matches or surprises that will make it an average PPV.

As usual I will predict the matches in the order I believe they will be laid out on the night.

Unified Tag Team Championship
The Colons (C) Vs Legacy
Ever since the tag titles have been unified the Colons haven”t had any real contenders for the straps and to be honest they haven”t been given much besides the odd match against a make shift tag team. It”s kind of pathetic that uniting the Tag Titles could of saved the divisionbut they”ve been too focused on writing the main events and coming up with storylines to get decent ratings. Here”s an idea guys, have a decent tag team storyline”that might attract some people”anyways”enough of the ranting.

With the push and re-name of Priceless to Legacy and the lack of push for the Colons, I can only see this match going one way. I expect a decent opener with Legacy taking the tag team belts so they can later have them when they decide to turn Teddy face, that and the fact of seeing the 3 boys with Championships on Raw has made up my mind.
Winners: Legacy

ECW Championship Scramble
Tommy Dreamer(C) Vs Christian Vs Finlay Vs Mark Henry Vs Swagger
I have been watching a little more ECW lately than I would normally and this should be a decent match. I still stand by what I have said before in Christian being too big for ECW, the rest I think fit in quiet well with the brand. This match may be first but I put the tag match first because I think the boys will get involved in the main event later on. I expect Dreamer to hang onto the title a little longer, just as a thank you more than anything. I think he”s going to lose it around Summerslam”maybe to Swagger or Bourne…I”m not saying Christian because I am hoping he is on a different brand by that time. There could be a run-in in the works with Kozlov here.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer

The Great Khali Vs Dolph Ziggler
Probably the worst match on the card. I think Khali must have it in his contract to be on a certain number of PPV”s a year or something”if that”s the case I say pack him off to ECW and let him feud with Mark Henry and the MIA Koslov. I think Ziggler could be a decent star, but we”re not going to see much from him while he is feuding with Khali. If the WWE are serious about Ziggler”he will win this match.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Championship Match – Mask Vs Title
Chris Jericho Vs Rey Mysterio
For the first time ever, I will be going against the grain here because I don”t actually think Chris is going to win”even though he is my boy and I think he SHOULD win everything. The storyline has been great…one of the best things on Smackdown to watch by far, the whole angle of using the mask to get a few victories is simply great writing. I can only think that Chris and Rey thought of it themselves but sadly this great storyline must come to an end. Rey will win mainly because the mask and Rey are too much of a merchandise draw to lose. Jericho will drop the title”he”s already in the books for holding it more times than anyone”beating his own record….twice”then he shall move onto bigger and better things like the World Heavyweight Championship.
Winner: Rey Mysterio (Only so Chris can win the big one again 🙂)

WWE Womens Championship Match
Melina Vs Michelle McCool
If Michelle McCool wins this match then she will be the first WWE Diva to of held both the WWE Diva”s Championship and the WWE Women”s Chmapionship. Over on Raw, Mickie James is aiming for the same goal and to be honest, I think Mickie Vs Maryse would be a better match to put on the card, especially with Miz and Cena on the card. Miz and Maryse could have a little interaction during the PPV! Although I would prefer that, I”m stuck with this one. I am hoping Michelle doesn”t win, I am going to go with Melina for this one as I believe she is more over and because I believe Mickie will be the first to hold the two titles.
Winner: Melina

John Cena Vs The Miz
This feud reminds me of the short feud in WCW with Chris Jericho and Goldberg, the one they totally messed up…this feud at least made it to a PPV. It”s a great old school idea with a modern twist, I really enjoy The Miz when he”s on the mic. With this storyline they have created a character that the Cena haters can love and follow, they even went as far as making that t-shirt for The Miz that all Cena haters will buy. Genius idea! I”m all for it. This ‘feud’ has been going on ever since the post WWE Draft show and Cena hasn”t even been interacting with Miz until very recetly! I”m hoping they keep it going, there”s no doubt Cena will come out on top in the end, but I really want to see The Miz pull off some sort of cheap victory here, it will really put him on the map…I pick The Miz…simply because…he is AWESOME!!
Winner: The Miz

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk (C) Vs Jeff Hardy
Punk is now a heel, so going into this match the crowd will almost totally be in Hardy’s corner. I had a feeling they would pretty much be anyway but the WWE are just making sure of that fact. In my opinion this match is going to be another case of Hardy trying to grab that brass ring and not being able to take it home with him. Even if Hardy does sign a new contract I can”t see him winning the title at The Bash. Punk has only just got it and I do believe this is his time to run with it. The last two times Hardy has won the title have been a shocking/unexpected, the latest even more so because of all the contract talks. Time will only tell if he will or will not re-sign. For the time being though I expect a really good match with Punk getting a heel but clean victory.
Winner: CM Punk

WWE Championship Match – 3 Stages of Hell
Randy Orton (C) Vs Triple H
I think the reason this match has been made 3 stages is for 2 reasons”first off, everyone is getting a little sick of Orton Vs Triple H and if we have to see it again it might as well be with some gimmick stipulation. The second is that if this was a normal one on one match, it would not have a better crowd reaction than Hardy and Punk. The match itself I see going planned out as follows”Triple H wins the first fall cleanly”then Orton gets some Legacy help and with some weapons gets the second fall”I think the third fall will then be a quick one, shortly after Orton gets further help from Legacy, Trips somehow ends up on the stretcher and is wheeled over the line. There is a possible chance that Legacy could be banned from ringside during the PPV by Vince early on in the PPV; if that happens then there could possibly be a new member of Legacy to help out…Flair? The WWE have been good as of late coming out with a twist towards the PPV”s end that no one seen coming…this could be it.
Winner: Randy Orton 2-1

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* Turning CM Punk heel. Lets hope the WWE trust Punk to run with it, he”s one of the best they have.

Bad Idea

* Dropping the Trump as owner of RAW angle. Although I doubt it”s the last we will see of him”I won’t mind as much next time I see him so if someone tells Trump not to look directly into the camera when he”s doing a backstage segment.


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I do agree that this whole feud with Triple H and Randy Orton is really getting old now. I’ve always been in favor of Randy Orton but I don’t think he’s going to pull it off. I think Vince McMahon will ban Legacy from ringside and Triple H will win 2 falls to 1 and injure Orton in the process. but I’m not sure if that will end this stupid feud.

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