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WWE: Full List Of All Released Employees So Far In 2009

The following is the full list of WWE talent, creative and personnel departures thus far in 2009. The year has seen 42 total departures with 20 being active roster talents. One standout statistic – within three weeks (May 29-June 19) WWE cut 10 stars (Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Vickie Guerrero, Candice Michelle, Sim Snuka, Barry Allen, Jon Cutler, Joseph Canterbury, Kafu and Lupe Santiago).

Here is the full list for 2009 so far, broken down into categories and in alphabetical order by first-names:

Main Roster WWE Talents:
-Bam Neely
-Candice Michelle
-D-Lo Brown
-Gavin Spears
-Hardcore Holly
-John Bradshaw Layfield
-Mike Adamle
-Mr. Kennedy
-Ron Simmons
-Ryan Braddock
-Scotty Goldman
-Sim Snuka
Val Venis
-Vickie Guerrero

WWE Developmental Talents:
-Barry Allen
-Hade Vansen
-Jon Cutler
-Joseph Canterbury
-Kaleb O’Neal
-Kevin Thorn
-Lupe Santiago
-Mike Kruel
-Saylor James

WWE Personnel:
-Afa Anoa’i, Sr.
-Freddie Prinze, Jr.
-Jim Korderas
-John Carle
-Kevin Keenan
-Matt Cappotelli
-Mickie Henson
-Mike Posey
-Sgt. Slaughter
-"Superstar" Billy Graham
-Tim White