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ECW June 30, 2009 Results

The 160th edition of ECW on Sci-Fi came to you, live, from the Save Mart Center at Fresno State University in Fresno, CA.

Quick Match Results

  • Yoshi Tatsu (in his WWE debut) def. Shelton Benjamin (in his return to ECW) by pin following a martial arts kick to the head.
  • Sheamus (in his WWE debut) def. Oliver John (jobber) by pin following a Yurinagi Backbreaker.
  • William Regal (in his ECW debut) & Vladimir Kozlov def. Tommy Dreamer & Christian by Vladimir Kozlov pinning Tommy Dreamer following the Iron Curtain.

Match Quality

  1. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Tommy Dreamer & Christian
  2. Sheamus Vs. Oliver John
  3. Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Detailed Results

The show kicked off with Interim ECW General Manager Tiffany in the ring. The excited GM proclaimed that ECW is in a "new era" with ECW’s five new Superstars that were picked up in the "Trump Trade." Tiffany also announced that the New Superstar Initiative is in "full effect."

After that proclamation, we saw the debut of Yoshi Tatsu, a product of the New Superstar Initiative. Yoshi faced the daunting task of facing a seasoned Superstar in "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin, who had returned to ECW via the "Trump Trade." Benjamin decided to try and humiliate the new talent by mocking Yoshi’s heritage. Yoshi had seen and heard enough from "The Gold Standard" and with one swift kick to the head of Benjamin, Yoshi Tatsu picked up a major win in his ECW debut! What can we expect from this new addition to the ECW Roster? How will Shelton Benjamin respond to being defeated so easily?

It was announced on ECW that next week’s show will have a special air day and time as ECW will be seen on Thursday at 7/6c on SyFy (the new name of Sci-Fi that will change on July 7).

The debuts just kept on coming as ECW also seen the debut of Abraham Washington, the host of the appropriately named "Abraham Washington Show". Washington’s first guests were two of the five new ECW talent; The Bella Twins! "The Silver-Tongued Host" interviewed the beautiful Bellas about the Bellas’ first kiss, as well as which twin was smarter, and who was the better athlete. Once the Bella Twins started arguing amongst themselves, Washington decided that it was time to end the show. What kind of guests can we expect from Abraham Washington in the future/?

ECW also saw the debut of "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus. The proud Irishman made quick work of Oliver John. What can we expect from this intense "Celtic Warrior"? Sheamus has vowed to make ECW his "own", will he deliver on that promise in the coming weeks?

Another new ECW Superstar, Tyler Reks, made his first ECW appearance when he confronted "The Loud-Mouthed Long Islander" Zack Ryder. "The So-Cal Surfer" and Zack Ryder argued over which area has the best surfing. What will happen when these two square off this Thursday on WWE Superstars?

Then it was time for the main event as ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer teamed with "Captain Charisma" Christian to square off with the team of the 2008 King of the Ring William Regal & "The Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov. The tag match turned into an "international incident" of sorts after William Regal used a blind tag on his partner to get into the match. Shortly after, Kozlov used the same method to steal the win from Regal by tagging himself in and pinning the ECW Champion! After the match, Regal & Kozlov shake hands and celebrate their win. Have William Regal  & Vladimir Kozlov formed some sort of team? Who will be the next Superstar to step up and challenge Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Title?