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SSP#13: Thoughts on The Bash and the WWE Superstar Trade

In this edition of SSP I will be speaking about the aftermath of the Bash and the Trade off on Raw; looking at each pick individually and what it could mean for them.

wwe draft again

Traded to Raw:

Gail Kim & Alicia Fox
This is a good move for Raw, but not so much for Smackdown. I still don”t fully understand why there are two Women”s Championships. Broken into two, the divisions aren”t big enough, in my opinion the WWE should put it back to one title and have the Champion go between brands defending against the biggest challenger. I will always voice my opinion when it comes to double titles meaning the same thing on different brands, I felt the same about the Tag Titles before they put them together.

Anyways; with Gail and Alicia are now on Raw it has strengthened their roster and taken from Smackdown”s. Gail is one of the best female wrestlers on the roster and should be treated as such, I haven”t really seen enough of Alicia yet to comment, but if you compare the two rosters in the female division, Raw are now winning.

Jack Swagger
In a previous blog I spoke about what I think ECW should be used for and how it has helped to get Punk, Kofi and to a degree, Miz and Morrison ready for the bigger stages of Raw and Smackdown. It has worked well in all those cases so far.

I mentioned that once a star has become as big as they can be on ECW, they should move on to bigger and better things. Jack Swagger is at that point. Fans are really beginning to see what this guy can do, he has all the tools and now needs to test and adjust all his skills by working with bigger and better names. What better place to do this then on Raw. I look forward to see what Swagger is going to bring to the table.

Evan Bourne
Similar to what I mentioned when speaking about Swagger, I feel Bourne is also ready for the change. Like Swagger he now gets to show to a wider audience what he is capable of and will learn a lot from others on Raw. This move will also fill the void that was missing on Raw when Rey and Punk moved. Raw needs some mid-card excitement and Evan Bourne is the one to provide it.

Mark Henry
With Regal and Hardy moved to different brands, Raw needsto bolster its mid card. Mark Henry has done all he can do on ECW and he had to move out of there before he got too stale. He can start a new on Raw that might see one or two interesting feuds.

Traded to Smackdown:

Matt Hardy
It is still unclear whether or not Jeff is going to resign and I believe the WWE may have shot themselves in the foot with the heel push they never gave Matt. Matt”s injury could be a blessing for him and let me explain why: If Jeff goes, Smackdown will need someone to fill the gap and Matt could turn face in the morning and get away with it. If Jeff stays, then Matt can still return from injury as a heel and hopefully get the push he should have gotten after WrestleMania.

I was watching an old edition of Smackdown the other day that involved Finlay and remembered how over as a heel he was. I”m not saying I don”t like face Finlay, but heel Finlay was so much cooler and over than what he has been on ECW. I think if this move involves a heel turn for Finlay then Smackdown might have strengthened their roster.

The Hart Dynasty
Another very good move. Followers of ECW have been raving about the Harts and its time they moved to a bigger brand where they can show a wider audience what they can do. Much like Bourne and Swagger, these three can learn a lot from the talent already on the brand. Natayla will add to the women”s division and it might not be long before we see the Harts feuding with Edge and Jericho for the tag belts. That feud could potentially put the Harts on the map and add some credibility back to the tag team division.

Traded to ECW:

Shelton Benjamin
Kind of an odd decision. Benjamin has been improving a lot since going back to Smackdown and I thought it may have been his time to shine but over the last few weeks he”s been losing matches again and then all of a sudden he”s back on ECW. Don”t fully understand this one unless he”s going to be one of the top guys on ECW which he is more than capable of being.

I”m actually delighted with this one. I loved the original Goldust character, he was able to wrestle and talk. He can still do both but isn”t as over as he use to be; mainly due to the crap “I got electrocuted and talk like a tw*t” storyline. For Goldust to be successful he needs to go back to the old Goldust and take charge in ECW where he will have plenty of room to do so. Dustin Rhodes on the other hand”.hmmm”.it could work, it”ll take a lot of work but it”s not beyond him. The ground work has already been laid for the Goldust character, so why not re-invent him for the modern day fan and the ECW audience.

William Regal
This is similar to Goldust in the sense that he can re-invent himself on ECW and be one of the major players if he puts his mind to it. Prior to the last wellness policy violation, Regal was on for a main event feud against Triple H and could have even had a major title in his future. In the end it was his loss. This move to ECW is another chance for Regal to have a shot at a “major” title. He could also teach the youth over on ECW a thing or two. I say make Regal ECW champion and throw the roster at him, violations for wellness a side, he deserves it. I dare anyone to question me on that and say he doesn”t due to that fact… I will pull the Jeff Hardy card!!!!

The Bella Twins
Not a big fan of the Bella”s to be honest, I”m sure they are great athletes but their in-ring work needs to be adjusted before they can be serious contenders for any of the women”s titles. I think ECW is the right place for them, give them to a star that needs some eye candy to get the over.

The Bash

I was half right with the predictions from The Bash, which seems to be a going trend with my predictions.  In retrospect though I don”t think anyone could have seen the Tag Title twist coming and I don”t see the point in having Kane feuding with Khali again. Disappointed with Miz losing, there doesn”t seem to be much of a point in the whole thing now  that Cena has squashed him”.twice. Hopefully Miz will pick up the pieces and get some victory”s under his belt.

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* The whole mini trade off idea to freshen things up.

Bad Idea

* Not moving Christian to another Brand.

Until next time peeps”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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