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WWE Spoilers: Fifteen Superstars Switch Brands!

On RAW, it was revealed that, before selling RAW, Donald Trump had come up with a 15 Superstar Trade featuring all three brands. This means that each brand got five new Superstars from another brand. Here are the trades:

To RAW: Mark Henry (from ECW), Evan Bourne (from ECW), Jack Swagger (from ECW), Alicia Fox (from SmackDown), & Gail Kim (from SmackDown)

To SmackDown: Matt Hardy (from RAW), Finlay (from ECW), & The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd, Natalya, & David Hart Smith from ECW)

To ECW: Goldust (from RAW), William Regal (from RAW), Brie & Nikki Bella (from RAW), & Shelton Benjamin (from SmackDown)