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WWE: Update On Edge; Out Of Action Until March 2010?

A decision on how to explain the injury sustained by Edge at a recent WWE house show in San Diego will be made by the company prior to July 13th, which is the next live television taping. A decision will also be made before that taping on what to do with the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles, which Edge currently co-holds with Chris Jericho.

The titles will probably now be switched to Legacy’s Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. Because Edge appears in a match already taped for the July 10th WWE SmackDown, it is doubtful the company will be mentioning anything about the titles until after that show airs, unless it’s a note on or something along those lines.

The injury Edge suffered, which is a torn Achilles tendon, generally requires surgery with about eight months – possibly longer – for recuperation. If that is how things play out for Edge, he’ll be on the sidelines until potentially March of 2010. The same injury has ended the careers of a lot of pro athletes apparently, although it probably won’t be career-threatening for Edge as once recovered you lose some speed, which isn’t as big a deal to a top wrestler as it would be a football player, etc.