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TNA: Update On Rudy Charles’ Departure; Actually Released?

As reported here TNA referee Rudy Charles has left the company

Reports now suggest he quit the company.

Unfortunately the truth is he was released by TNA when his primary job at TNA as the Administrative Assistant to the booking team was eliminated by TNA, and they decided not to retain him as a referee.

He was notified early last week of the decision in a meeting at the TNA offices in Nashville.

His name has been removed from the list of referees on the roster page at the TNA website, which is the most common way TNA “announces” a departure.

Rudy was with TNA from the 1st PPV in Huntsville in 2002, and was one of the few remaining “originals” who were there at the start of the company.

He was referred to as TNA’s “Senior Official” by the announce team.

His release was a huge suprise to nearly everyone that heard about it to the extent that most thought it was a rib when they first heard, but unfortunately, not so much.