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Thursday ECW July 9, 2009 Results

The 161st edition of ECW on SyFy came to you from the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA.

Quick Match Results

  • Nikki Bella def. Katie Lea Burchill by pin by Brie Bella following the B-Factor (facebuster).
  • Shelton Benjamin def. Yoshi Tatsu by pin following Pay Dirt.
  • Ezekiel Jackson (in his ECW debut) def. Jack Meridol (jobber) by pin following the Yurinagi.
  • #1 Contender’s Match: Christian def. Vladimir Kozlov by pin following the Killswitch to become the #1 Contender for the ECW Title at the Night of Champions.

Match Quality

  1. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Christian Vs. Vladimir Kozlov
  3. Ezekiel Jackson Vs. Jack Meridol
  4. Nikki Bella Vs. Katie Lea Burchill

Detailed Result(s)

The opening match of the night was a Divas match that saw Nikki Bella go one-on-one with Katie Lea Burchill. As far as the referee in the match was concerned, it was a one-on-one affair; the end of the match came when Nikki Bella was thrown to the outside. With the referee’s attention on Katie Lea Burchill, Nikki Bella switched places with her twin sister, Brie, which allowed Brie Bella the opportunity to win the match for her sister.

After being embarrassed by Yoshi Tatsu last week, Shelton Benjamin got a measure of revenge by defeating the new ECW Superstar.

In the backstage area, a horrific scene was averted by the mysterious green-clad caped crusader who, like last week, saved a crew member from certain peril. This time the masked man caught a crew member who had fallen from a ladder. As soon as the potential victim was safe, the mysterious man once again disappeared with the whoosh of a hurricane. Will this timely savior reveal himself to the public?

In his ECW debut, Ezekiel Jackson put on an impressive showing, getting a decisive victory over Jack Meridol. What big things can we expect from this Harlem-raised behemoth?

ECW also saw the second edition of "The Abraham Washington Show" and Abraham Washington topped his guests last week by having the ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer on his new show. Washington did not endear himself to the "ECW Original" as the talk show host called Dreamer "huge" and a "senior citizen". Dreamer did not take kindly to the insults and called Washington a "Lego head" in reference to the host’s bizarre "hair". Dreamer then made the bold prediction that Christian would defeat Vladimir Kozlov in the main event and face him at the Night of Champions for the ECW Title. This brought out "The Russian Militant" Vladimir Kozlov, who crashed the show and got in the face of the ECW Champion.

Then it was time for the main event as "Captain Charisma" Christian squared off the "The Moscow Mauler" Vladimir Kozlov. The end of the match came when the wily veteran, Christian, drove Kozlov’s head into an exposed turnbuckle. Christian then hit the Killswitch and punched his ticket to the Night of Champions to challenge Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship! Will Christian prevail at the Night of Champions and regain the ECW Title he was never pinned for or will Tommy Dreamer keep a strong grip on the ECW Championship?