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WWE: Contract Update on Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is telling friends and co-workers that he’s leaning toward taking time off once his contract expires, reports  Hardy did state recently that he hasn’t made up his mind, but WWE officials are still working under the impression that he will be leaving soon. 

WWE has spoken to Hardy about working through SummerSlam and although there’s a chance he may want to leave sooner, I would be surprised if he didn’t stay long enough for that.  SummerSlam is one of the big four pay-per-views of the year and always offer a bigger payday than the rest of the annual events. 

Things could always change, but it seems at this time that Hardy will indeed be taking some time away from the company once his contract expires unless he signs (or already has) to work through SummerSlam. 

For those of you emailing in and asking (or suggesting), no one expects Jeff Hardy to go to TNA if and when he leaves the WWE.  As we’ve been reporting, Jeff Hardy simply has other non-wrestling related projects he wants to pursue.