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ECW July 14, 2009 Results

The 162nd edition of ECW on SyFy came to you from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL.

Quick Match Results

  • Shelton Benjamin (with Vladimir Kozlov) def. Christian by pin following the Pay Dirt.
  • Yoshi Tatsu def. Paul Burchill (with Katie Lea Burchill) by pin following the Buzzsaw Kick.
  • Zack Ryder def. Goldust (in his ECW debut) by pin following the Zack Attack.
  • Sheamus def. Roman Cornell (jobber) by pin following the Warrior’s Crest (ura-nage backbreaker).
  • Non-Title: Vladimir Kozlov def. Tommy Dreamer by pin following the Iron Curtain.

Match Quality

  1. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Christian
  2. Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Paul Burchill
  3. Zack Ryder Vs. Goldust
  4. Vladimir Kozlov Vs. Tommy Dreamer
  5. Sheamus Vs. Roman Cornell

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night featured the #1 Contender for the ECW Title at the Night of Champions, Christian, squaring off with "The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin. In the middle of the competitive match, "The Moscow Militant" Vladimir Kozlov came out and distracted Christian, which gave "The Gold Standard" the advantage in the match up and ultimately led to Shelton Benjamin pinning the #1 Contender for the win! Now that Shelton Benjamin has pinned the #1 Contender, where does that put "The Gold Standard" in title contention? How will Christian respond to Vladimir Kozlov’s interference?

One of ECW’s newest Superstars, Yoshi Tatsu, picked up a big win over "The Ripper" Paul Burchill, despite some help from Paul’s sister, Katie Lea Burchill. What will we see next from this exciting new Superstars?

ECW also saw the ECW debut of "The Bizarre One" Goldust, but it was not a joyous occasion for the former Intercontinental Champion as "The Long Island Loudmouth" Zack Ryder picked up a big win over the ring veteran.

It was announced on ECW that, on next week’s show, "The So-Cal Surfer" Tyler Reks will make his ECW in-ring debut. Who will Reks face on next week’s ECW? Can he pick up the first win in his WWE career?

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus dominated another opponent on ECW; this time it was Roman Cornell, who did not stand a chance against Sheamus.

On next week’s ECW, Abraham Washington will host the biggest "Abraham Washington Show" yet as the talk show host will have both ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer & #1 Contender Christian in the ring at the same time just five days before they face off for the ECW Championship at the Night of Champions. What will the always insulting Abraham Washington have to say to the champion and challenger and how does Washington plan to keep order on his show? What will happen between Dreamer & Christian just five days before the Night of Champions?

Then it was time for the main event as ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer was faced with the task of combating "The Russian Militant" Vladimir Kozlov in a non-title bout. In the end, it was the overwhelming power and skill of Kozlov that allowed "The Moscow Mauler" to pin the ECW Champion! After the match, the vicious Kozlov continued his assault on Tommy Dreamer. The #1 Contender, Christian, ran in to get a piece of Kozlov, but Kozlov dodged a shot by "Captain Charisma" and Christian inadvertently knocked Dreamer down. Kozlov then laid Christian out in the middle of the ring. Kozlov pinned the ECW Champion and then laid out both the champion and challenger for the ECW Championship match at Night of Champions; what does this mean for the match at Night of Champions?