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Mr Kennedy Speaks About His WWE Release In First Serious Interview

Ken Anderson has finally opened up (in a serious fashion) about his WWE release, his future, and why he’s been doing the funny videos.  In an effort to promote the first four videos and the newest fifth edition, Anderson gives his first “my side” type of story exclusively to Paul Heyman and the Heyman Hustle site.  The following is an excerpt:

“This is not a bitching session, where I complain about how WWE held me down on purpose, took away my dreams, shoved my career up my ass, or singled me out and screwed me over.

This is an explanation about the purpose of these videos, which  is to show everyone what I have to offer. I’m a home run hitter being told to be satisfied with landing on first base. I love being part of a team, and if we need runners on first base, I’ll lead off. But when you have a lack of entertainment in the industry of sports entertainment, and you can hit the ball out of the park, it’s the worst feeling in the world being told to draw a walk.”