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TNA: Kurt Angle Threatens To Leave If Jeff Jarrett Is In Control?

In an update to the developing Jeff Jarrett/TNA situation, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Kurt Angle was overheard telling people at a house show in Winston-Salem, NC this past Saturday night that he will NOT sign a new TNA contract if Jeff Jarrett remains in control of creative. He furthered his comments by saying that he wants control of the booking team and that if he does not receive such control he will not re-sign with TNA when his contract expires in the fall.

The current booking plans that are in place are expected to last throughout the next several weeks, and it’s interesting to note that plans to have a Jarrett/Eric Young feud have been scrapped.

Many backstage are said to be in total agreement with Kurt Angle as they are unhappy with the way Jarrett has been booking TNA TV for quite sometime now. The only ones in the company who are siding with Jarrett in this matter are those who have been die-hard Jarrett supporters from the very beginning.