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WWE Elsewhere: Vince & Linda McMahon Discussed On Live with Regis & Kelly

On this morning’s (Monday, July 20) edition of Live with Regis & Kelly, Regis Philbin mentioned that he had dinner with Vince & Linda McMahon over the weekend. Naturally, this led to a discussion about the wrestling business. Regis praised Vince and wrestling overall for its "entertainment" (he used variatons of the word several times). Regis then discussed that his first guest on one of his early talk shows was a masked luchador wrestler who Regis interviewed while both of them wore masks. When asked why he was having dinner with The McMahons, Regis joked that Vince was grooming him to be the next Hulk Hogan. Regis also noted that Vince was in the "Mr. McMahon" character when he was in public, "looking down" at the other customers and everything.

What came to mind when I heard that Regis had dinner with Vince & Linda was that the idea of Regis serving as a Guest Host on RAW in the future. It’s not at all confirmed, but it is very likely that Regis Philbin could be a Guest Host in the coming weeks.