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SSP #15: WWE Night of Champions 2009 Predictions

In this edition of SSP I will be speaking and predicting the Night of Champions as well as the traditional Good Idea, Bad Idea and I will also be adding my Quote of the Week. ‘One to Watch’ will return in the next blog when I shall also reflect on the Night of Champions.

** Night of Champions **

ECW Championship
Tommy Dreamer (C) Vs Christian
I have probably been watching more ECW over the last few months than I have since it started and I must say”I”m impressed…it”s really beginning to shape into something worth watching. I”m delighted Dreamer is carrying the flag but his matches haven”t been the best and as far as PPV standard goes, I don”t think it”s good enough. I think its time Christian took back the title and went on to feud with Kozlov at SummerSlam. It wouldn”t surprise me if a crappy double DQ caused by Kozlov set up a Triple Threat match by the end of this one.
Winner: Christian or Double DQ

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio (C) Vs Dolph Ziggler
I”m actually expecting to see a decent match up here; I don”t expect Ziggler to win the title but I do expect him to have a good crack at it. Ziggy is making a name for himself and I think the WWE are beginning to realise that they need to push the young guns like Ziggler and see what they can do. It”s only in these types of situations where we will truly be able to tell if the likes of Dolph Ziggler are in it for the long haul or just another fly by.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Women”s Championship
Michelle McCool (C) Vs Melina
This match was a late add-on and a rematch from the last PPV. I can see a clash the Women”s and Diva”s Champion at some point during this PPV. I can”t see Melina winning the title back so soon so I am going to stick with McCool for the win although I really hope she doesn”t.
Winner: Michelle McCool

United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (C) Vs The Big Show Vs MVP Vs Carlito Vs Jack Swagger Vs The Miz
I think this could be a nice fast paced match, very surprised that Evan Bourne hasn”t been put into it but the names that are here all have main event potential. Any one that knows me, knows I”ve tipped Carlito as a big player for many years, it”s a pity that he appeared to have gotten lazy and then let his mouth get the better of him. He”s back in good graces again now and this is an ideal time to shine, I do however see Primo getting involved, so Carlito probably won”t come out with the win. Swagger could have a good run with this title, which could set him up for some nice feuds. I can see Miz or Swagger coming out on top; there”s enough faces to be thrown at either of them. Deep down I will be routing for Carlito during this match but can see the likes of Swagger or Miz taking it”..I”ll flick a coin”AWESOME!!!
Winner: The Miz

Unified Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & ??? (C) Vs Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
Being the big Jericho fan that I am”I am more looking forward to this than anything else on the card, not for the match itself”but to see who Jericho is going to have as his tag team partner. The odds on favourite for this match is probably Dolph Ziggler”and not that I have anything against Dolph but I think that will be a bit of a let down. I would love to see Lance Storm appear as the mystery man but I can”t see that happening either. With the way the WWE have been able to put a twist on things it could be anyone”Miz”him and Jericho are always at each other on twitter”.but then again Miz has done the whole tag team thing…It really could be anyone”originally I would of gone with Legacy for the win but the whole mystery thing is swaying me toward Jericho and ???.
Winner: Chris Jericho and ???

Diva”s Championship
Maryse (C) Vs Mickie James
Mickie has been built up so much more than Maryse during this feud and that”s one of the reason”s I don”t see Mickie winning. That put together with The Miz now being involved, makes me think Maryse will get the win. I would rather Mickie win and then go beat up Michelle McCool so we can have one Women”s title again; but that”s just wishful thinking on my part. I expect a good outing from both with a classic hell finish.
Winner: Maryse

World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk (C) Vs Jeff Hardy
My opinion on this feud still hasn”t changed, so I am going to repeat what I have said previously. If Jeff Hardy signs a new contract he will win and carry the title, especially if Orton retains the WWE Title, if a face is due to hold on Raw and Jeff is indeed taking time off, then Punk will retain. If I was booking this match regardless of whether or not Jeff has signedI would let Punk run with the title for a lot longer with the disappointment of the outcome of the last encounter I expect a match and finish of a lot better quality.
Winner: CM Punk

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (C) Vs John Cena Vs Triple H
Not too sure how this one is going to pan out, I reckon they must of given Randy Orton the title for a reason back when Batista had to vacate the title”if they wanted Cena or Trips to hold the title they would of given it to them on that night, but this one is still wide open. I think Orton needs to hold onto it for longer as longer title reigns seem to be something that”s lacking at the moment”the WWE needs a solid Champion to carry the flag and should stop playing pass the parcel with it. For that reason I am picking Orton for the win but the WWE could go either way with this and I have no idea what direction they intend on taking going into Summerslam. It would be nice to see a HBK run in on someone to set up two feuds going into the summer spectacular.
Winner: Randy Orton

Quote of the Week:

I”ve held more titles than you and your fathers combined!”

Chris Jericho to Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* Making the Unified Titles a big deal with Chris Jericho at the helm.

Bad Idea

* The pre-recorded ZZ-Top segments with song title puns really annoyed me”..they could of at least pretended to of been playing the guitars.

Until next time peeps”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.



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