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WWE Superstars August 6, 2009 Detailed Results

The 17th edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Mohegan Sun, CT (RAW Match) and from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, NY (ECW & SmackDown Matches).

Quick Match Results

  • Chris Masters (in his Superstars debut) def. Santino Marella by submission to the Masterlock.
  • William Regal & Paul Burchill def. Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu by William Regal pinning Tyler Reks by rolling through a high cross body.
  • Non-Title: Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox by DQ when Dolph Ziggler knocks Rey Mysterio off of the ring apron.

Match Quality

  1. William Regal & Paul Burchill Vs. Tyler Reks & Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Rey Mysterio Vs. Mike Knox
  3. Chris Masters Vs. Santino Marella

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night was from RAW and it seen "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters force Santino Marella to submit to the ultimate full nelson- the Masterlock.

In a tag team match from ECW, William Regal teamed with "The Ripper" Paul Burchill to defeat the young team of "The So-Cal Surfer" Tyler Reks & "The Tokyo Buzzsaw" Yoshi Tatsu. The end of the match came when the veteran William Regal rolled through a high cross body by Tyler Reks and turned it into a pinning situation.

The main event of the evening was from SmackDown and it featured the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio squaring off with "Monstrous" Mike Knox in a non-title match. Rey would end up getting the victory via disqualification when Dolph Ziggler, who was seated at ringside providing guest commentary, knocked "The Ultimate Underdog" off of the ring apron. After the match had abruptly ended thanks to his handy work, Dolph Ziggler delivered vile kick to the mid-section of Mysterio before throwing the Intercontinental Champion back into the ring. The quickness of Mysterio saved Rey from an attempted attack by Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox when "The Master of the 619" narrowly escaped the grasp of Ziggler & Knox. On tomorrow night’s SmackDown, who will emerge from the Fatal 4-Way as the new #1 Contender for Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam? Will "Monstrous" Mike Knox get the opportunity to win the Intercontinental Title or will "The Fighting Irishman" Finlay be the one to challenge Rey for the gold? Will it be the always impressive R-Truth getting his shot or will it be "The Name Dropper" Dolph Ziggler who gets the win and a second shot at Mysterio and the Intercontinental Championship at "The Biggest Event of the Summer"?