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SSP #16: WWE Night of Champions Aftermath, Summerslam 2009 and Chris Masters

In this edition of SSP I will be doing my usual “Good Idea, Bad Idea”, discussing The Night of Champions, the upcoming Summerslam, and doing my second edition of the “One to Watch”, in which I shall be taking a look at the returning Chris Masters and turning the one to watch into a sort of mini biography for those who may not know that much about the featured superstar.
WWE Night of Champions 2009 Aftermath
5 out of 8 for my predictions not too bad! I was delighted that Mickie got the win and was very surprised that Jeff went home with the title. I still don”t understand why they have given him the title only to take it away at the upcoming Summerslam. At this point I think Matt as a face will pick up where Jeff left off and feud with Punk. With Jeff supposedly leaving, it also makes you wonder where Taker will fit it when he returns and the plans for Kane once his feud with Khali is over. Even with Jeff missing, the Smackdown roster is looking quite strong as the main event could feature any number of stars; Punk, Hardy, Rey, Taker, Kane, I dare say Khali, John Morrison and then you have Jericho and Show who can be put into the main event of any of the two shows. They have a mix there that can give months of entertainment and variety for the World Heavyweight Title.

Variety is something Raw seems to be lacking. Smackdown are using talent across the roster and making them all fight to see who deserves to wear the gold. Raw on the other hand are playing table tennis between Trips and Orton. When this feud finally looks to be over, Cena pops back into the mix after we were only getting use to him not being in the picture. I thought with the likes of MVP and Swagger being brought to Raw, they would use this opportunity to push these guys and see what they”ve got. The big names can only keep clashing for so long before it gets boring. In the 80”s and 90”s they got away with this as the PPV”s were spaced so far apart. Now with Monthly PPV”s, viewers are getting tired of not only seeing the same face..but the same matches. I wouldn”t mind as much if the storylines leading into each PPV were on form but they are not. I have always been of the opinion that if you keep two guys away from each other as long as possible and tease them exploding at each other”.then when they eventually do collide”it draws big and people will talk about it. They need to start pushing the younger talent like they did a few years ago, they did it with Orton and Cena and now that they are in the main event they seem to of forgotten to push the talent coming behind them. What they are doing with ECW is a start, and what they are doing on Smackdown is attracting viewers” why not do the same on Raw to draw views instead of the guest host GM which is one of the only reasons people are tuning into Raw at this point”Its not to see Triple H in a handicap match against Legacy for the 20th time that”s for sure.

WWE Summerslam 2009
I shall be following this blog up with my predictions for Summerslam shortly but for the time being I would like to point something out. I am going to show you a comparison between the Night of Champions and Summerslam cards. Rey Mysterio is facing Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title again, CM Punk is facing Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight title again”..and the triple threat match from Night of Champions has just taken Triple H out of the equation. The WWE are trying to build Summerslam as the second biggest event of the year. Trying to plug it as the next best thing after Wrestlemania. In order for them to do this”.they need to scrap the PPV”s surrounding Summerslam and give more of a build up similar to what”s done with Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania wouldn”t be half as popular if the card was anyway similar to No Way Out”let along having the exact same matches. The WWE have to re think their strategy.

Chris Masters

Real Name: Christopher Todd Mordetzky
Date of Birth: January 8, 1983 (age 26)
WWE Debut: 2005

Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters was released from his WWE contract on November 8, 2007 due to WWE”s Wellness Policy and since then has been doing the rounds of the independent circuit before eventually being brought back to the WWE with a clean slate.

During Masters first run in the WWE, he got a fairly decent push along with Carlito. Both failed at the opportunity they were given which you could put down to lack of experience. It could have been the knock that they needed to get their ego”s in check. Now Masters is back and looks as good as he ever did. He has the ability and the look to become a big card player. If he continues to improve on the mic and in the ring, then there is no reason why he couldn”t be considered for another big push somewhere down the line. This is of course so long as he stays clear of any Wellness Policy violations. He”s getting a decent stop on Raw as it is and the commentators are making sure he stays over whether he”s winning or losing. Raw is the toughest brand to try and get over on, and although Masters isn”t making an impact yet, I feel it won”t be long until he”s put into a decent storyline and given another chance.

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

* Pushing various Smackdown talent into the main event picture..

Bad Idea

*Have the same matches at Summerslam as they had at Night of Champions..

Until next time peeps”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.