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SSP#17: WWE SummerSlam 2009 Predictions

In this edition of SSP I will be discussing Summerslam along with offering my predictions for each match as well as the traditional Good Idea, Bad Idea and Quote of the Week. I would also like any of my readers to throw comments my way if you would like me to touch on anything regarding the current state of the WWE or especially if you want to have any input into the newest addition to SSP which I am going to go over now…

After Summerslam I will be adding my own version of the “Power 25”. It will be called The SSP Top Ten, which I will break into the 4 charts of ten; Raw, Smackdown, ECW and a Divas top ten. I won”t be adding reasons, I will simply be placing them in an order according to their victories, heat and general going”s on outside of the ring.
So that will be in the next edition for this edition I want to start with the run down of  the upcoming Summerslam PPV.

*** WWE Summerslam 2009 ***

The 22nd Annual from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles California.

Stepping back and looking at this card; I must say, has the potential to be a very good line up. I know I slated some of the matches in previous blogs, and my outlook on that hasn”t changed, but as a whole, the potential is there for all bar one of the matches to be quite entertaining.

ECW Championship
Christian (C) Vs William Regal
Believe it or not, this is one of the matches I am most looking forward to on the card. Both men have been around a long time and could put on a great show. If they are given the job to open the show, then I expect them to go all out to get the crowd going and excited for the rest of the show. They both have the ability to generate plenty of heat from the crowd to make this match work to its full potential. I am a big fan of both Regal and Christian, but I see Christian coming out with the win, it”s too soon for him to be dropping the title. I expect this to become an enjoyable feud that is show casing us something different.
Winner: Christian

Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio (C) Vs Dolph Ziggler
I”m hopping that this match is going to be better than previous outings. Although both have put on decent matches together, there is room for improvement which both parties are more than capable of achieving. If the WWE want to really push Ziggler, then they need him to beat Rey, the cleaner the better, but it needs to be done. Rey and Jericho have put the IC title back up where it belongs and I really hope it stays there. I would like to see Rey drop the title and move into the main event picture. Now is the perfect time for him to do so as he can work a lot easier with the likes of Hardy, Punk, Jericho or Edge than he has been able to do in previous years working against the likes of Taker, Trips and Kane. Rey dropping will give the two another month at least so Rey can have his re-match where he can then pop into a bigger feud. This match could go either way, I think Ziggler has been built enough to receive the title and can become a bigger star if he carries it for a while, he was rumoured to be getting it at Night of Champions, but they went with Rey instead, this could be Ziggy”s chance.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Kane Vs The Great Khali
This is my least favourite match on the card. When I mentioned all but one of the matches having potential…I was talking about this one. The last time these two had a match it was terrible. Khali hasn”t changed; I like Kane, but in my opinion, matching these two up is a bad idea. I don”t think Khali can have a good match with anyone. He”s big”..but he”s just not able to put on a good match. I am not expecting anything good out of this”.I can only hope that Kane breaks Khali”s legs or something so we never have to see him again.
Winner: Kane

Unified Tag Team Championship
Chris Jericho & Big Show (C) Vs Cryme Time
I can only see this match going one way, although Cryme Time are quite over at the moment and are due a title reign, I can”t seem them beating Jerishow as they are only newly formed and have free reign on both brands. Losing the titles would limit them to one brand and also kill the heat they currently have. I can see Cryme Time getting a decent outing all the same though.
Winner: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

Jack Swagger Vs MVP
One of the more peculiar matches on the card when you think that there are 3 titles not being defended. This could very easily be for the United States Championship but it was not to be. In saying that I think there is need for matches to be on the card that are just there for feuding purposes and don”t need a title to grab people”s attention. This match has two stars involved that are potential World Title holders. I expect both to try and pull everything out of the bag to prove that they are ready for the next step. I think a loss either way could hurt them but if they put a great match behind it then both could get just as over with the outcome.  I would like to see Jack Swagger pull off the victory as in ring wise he seems to be more ready than MVP.
Winner: Jack Swagger

D-Generation X Vs Legacy
When Shawn came back it is rumoured that he spoke to Jericho about who is getting pushed”Jericho”s reaction was something I spoke about in a previous blog, hardly anyone! I expect DX to pick up the win but I also expect them to put over Legacy. The more I think about it, the more it actually makes sense for DX to lose to Legacy on Sunday. If the WWE ever had a chance to put over Legacy”its now. A loss for DX wouldn”t hurt them at all”but a loss for Legacy would just add to the fact that no one takes them seriously. They need to be winning big matches as well as doing all the run ins for Orton. The outcome for this match could also have an effect on the Main Event. A win for Legacy here could see Orton winning, while a DX win could see Cena taking the title. Despite what many may think I don”t believe DX have this one totally in the bag and for that reason I am going to gamble and change my prediction”.let the feud continue.
Winner: Legacy

World Heavyweight Championship
TLC Match
CM Punk Vs Jeff Hardy (C)
Punk Vs Hardy one more time, luckily several factors have been added to this match to make it more interesting. The first thing being the TLC stipulation. I expect the match to go the distance before the swerve comes in at the end. Both are well able for this match type and plenty of creativity is sure to be shown. The Undertaker is due back, but I wonder if Summerslam is the place for it to happen. Maybe Matt will turn heel again and side with Punk and then Taker will come in and feud with them”..or”.and I”m going to go with this one”..Jeff will win cleanly”with his brother getting involved some how”..and drop the title on an upcoming Smackdown to Punk who will then feud with either Matt or Taker. Knowing my luck though this will be the one time where Jeff will lose and won”t be seen till he comes back off his hiatus even with Hardy gone the future of Smackdown is looking bright, Punk Vs Taker is something that a lot of people must be looking forward to.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (C) Vs John Cena
Hopefully a one on one match between these two is going to be a lot better than that triple threat match from Night of Champions. With the two boys being good friends I would expect them to get the Main Event spot and pull everything out of the hat for the event the WWE are trying to plug as the second biggest PPV of the year. Legacy are bound to do a run in at one point depending on the outcome of the tag team match with DX, this may see them getting the better of Cena which eventually could lead to Cena and DX siding to take down Legacy leading up to Survivor Series maybe? From there the WWE can decide if they want Teddy to turn face or not”
Winner: Randy Orton

Quote of the Week!!

Chris Jericho rumoured to have said the following to Shawn Michaels during a untelevised discussion:

“Shawn Michaels: So who”s been pushed since I was away?

Chris Jericho: Ehhhh”..on Raw?”.No one.!”

It”s time for another “Good Idea, Bad Idea!”

Good Idea

*Having Legacy take out DX on Raw”..Good Heat.

Bad Idea

* Leaving Kofi Kingston off the Summerslam card despite being featured in the advertisements leading up to it. Maybe the live crowd will be treated to a dark match featuring the US champ.

Until next time peeps”..this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.