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Big WWE News: Vince McMahon Looking To Start A WWE Cable Network?

In a follow up to the LA Times article we previously posted, Joe Flint of the LA Times has posted a blog, following up on the possibility of a WWE network. Here are the highlights:

  • It is noted that WWE programming was a tough sell to advertisers and families, and that is why McMahon has pushed the softer, WWE PG agenda.
  • The article says that while the timing may not be ideal to start a new network, the WWE has strong relations with cable and satellite operators, which will be hard to ignore.
  • There would be no plans to move Raw off of the USA Network.
  • McMahon made the following comments: "It won’t be a threat, it’ll be an integration, it’s good for `RAW’ to be on USA." He also mentioned that it would be a tool in negotiations, "Having your own network allows you a lot of leverage."