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Breaking WWE News: Guest Host Floyd Mayweather’s Home Searched by LVPD!

According to KVVU Channel 5 out of Las Vegas, Police served a search warrant Monday at the home of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Police stated that the boxer’s car was found at the scene of a shooting. The shooting happened at the Crystal Palace, which is a skating rink on Boulder Highway. No one was injured in the shooting.

– spoke with Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s father regarding the story, and he stated that he spoke with his son, that the police "ransacked" the home, and that they found nothing. Mayweather Sr. explained that his son’s car was at the skating rink because he takes his kids there every Sunday to skate.

– According to, there is no word on the recent news changing tonight’s Raw, which Mayweather is supposed to host.

– Mayweather’s scheduled appearance has been met with positive publicity thus far, with ESPN and Media Life Magazine covering it.