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Big WWE News: Date of Royal Rumble Moved To Avoid Competition From The NFL Playoffs!

On, they have changed the scheduled date of the 2010 Royal Rumble. Ever since WWE’s last shows in Atlanta earlier this year, the 2010 Royal Rumble was scheduled to take place in Atlanta on January 24, but after the news came out yesterday that the NFL Playoffs will be taking place on the 24th (on free television, no less), WWE has moved the event one week later; to January 31. The reason behind the move is that, anytime that the WWE Royal Rumble competes with the NFL Playoffs, it results in a bad buy rate for one of WWE’s "Big Four" events of the year. In 2003, the Rumble and the Playoffs occurred on the same night and WWE’s buyrate suffered because of it. Since then, WWE has taken the smart road and avoided another instance like 2003.

The 23rd annual event will still be taking place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, but it will be on January 31 instead of January 24.