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WWE Superstars September 10, 2009 Detailed Results

The 22nd edition of WWE Superstars came to you from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL (RAW Match & First ECW Match) and from the Rockford MetroCentre in Rockford, IL (Second ECW Match & Both SmackDown Matches).

Quick Match Results

  • Kane def. Jimmy Wang Yang by pin following the Big Red Chokeslam.
  • Sheamus def. Yoshi Tatsu by pin following the Irish Curse.
  • Nikki Bella def. Katie Lea Burchill by Brie Bella pulling the switch and pinning Katie Lea Burchill with the high cross body.
  • Dolph Ziggler def. Slam Master J by pin following the Name Drop.
  • The Miz & Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston & Primo by The Miz pinning Kofi Kingston following the Skull Crushing Finale.

Match Quality

  1. The Miz & Jack Swagger Vs. Kofi Kingston & Primo
  2. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Slam Master J
  3. Nikki Bella Vs. Katie Lea Burchill
  4. Sheamus Vs. Yoshi Tatsu
  5. Kane Vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Detailed Results

The opening match of the night was courtesy of SmackDown as "The Big Red Machine" Kane picked up an impressive win over "The Asian Redneck" Jimmy Wang Yang. However, Yang’s night was not over as "The Big Red Monster" grabbed a Singapore cane and sent a strong message to The Great Khali for Breaking Point by wearing Yang out with the weapon! What will happen this Sunday night when Kane and The Great Khali square off in a Singapore Cane Match? Which monster will reach their breaking point in Montreal?

From ECW, "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus picked up a win over "The New Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshi Tatsu. What or who is next for the pride of the New Superstar Initiative- Sheamus?

The Divas of ECW were in action as "The Seductive Sibling" Katie Lea Burchill would go one-on-one with one-half of The Bella Twins- Nikki Bella. However, when the referee’s attention was elsewhere, the Bellas performed their famous switch with Nikki Bella rolling to the outside while her identical twin sister, Brie Bella, took her place and pinned Katie Lea Burchill to pick up the win for Nikki Bella.

Last week on WWE Superstars, Dolph Ziggler won a Fatal 4-Way Match to become the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title and on this week’s Superstars, "The Name Dropper" picked up a win over Slam Master J in part of SmackDown’s contribution to Superstars. Will this roll that Dolph Ziggler is on lead to the Intercontinental Championship for the brash, but talented, SmackDown star?

Then it was time for the main event, courtesy of RAW, as United States Champion Kofi Kingston teamed with Primo to take on The Miz & Jack Swagger. In the end, it was The Miz pinning the United States Champion for the win for himself and Swagger! By pinning the United States Champion, has The Miz proven that he is ready for a one-on-one title match with the champion? Will The Miz’s prophecy come true with him winning the United States Championship?