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WWE Friday Night SmackDown September 11, 2009 Detailed Results

With just two days to go until WWE Breaking Point, the 525th edition of WWE SmackDown came to you from the Rockford MetroCentre in Rockford, IL.

Quick Match Results

  • Belfast Brawl: Finlay def. Mike Knox by pin following a shillelagh shot in mid-air.
  • Non-Title: Big Show & Chris Jericho def. Cryme Tyme by Chris Jericho pinning JTG following the Knockout Punch by Big Show.
  • Non-Title: John Morrison def. Charlie Haas by pin following Starship Pain.
  • Layla (with Michelle McCool) def. Melina by pin following a crutch shot to the ribs by Michelle McCool.
  • Submission Match: Non-Title: CM Punk def. Matt Hardy by submission to the Anaconda Vice.

Match Quality

  1. Submission Match
  2. Belfast Brawl
  3. John Morrison Vs. Charlie Haas
  4. Big Show & Chris Jericho Vs. Cryme Tyme
  5. Layla Vs. Melina

Detailed Results

The show opened with an appearance by The Undertaker, who vowed to regain the World Heavyweight Title at Breaking Point and, once again, "cast his shadow over SmackDown". Undertaker stated that CM Punk is overcome with "fear" of facing The Undertaker and his devastating submission maneuver- Hell’s Gate. "The Phenom" states that CM Punk will submit at Breaking Point and that he will not only take the World Heavyweight Title from CM Punk, but will also take his "soul"! Undertaker then stated that, at Breaking Point, "the symphony of lies will end". The World Heavyweight Champion himself, CM Punk, then comes out and tells Undertaker that the fans believe in The Undertaker and his "powers", but that Undertaker realistically has no chance of taking the World Heavyweight Title from him at Breaking Point! "The Straightedge Champion" then proclaims that he is "stronger" than The Undertaker’s past "victims". The confident champion then vows to make Matt Hardy tap out to the Anaconda Vise! CM Punk then proclaims that, after Breaking Point, the fans will have no choice but to join him and "just say no". The Undertaker responded by telling Punk that the three words the fans will be saying will not be "just say no", but will be "rest in peace"! Both men are confident heading into Breaking Point, but who will emerge as the champion?

The opening match of the night was a brutal Belfast Brawl between "The Fighting Irishman" Finlay and "The Doctor of Pain" Mike Knox. In one of the most grueling Belfast Brawls in history, it was Finlay using the trusty shillelagh that led to the Irishman winning the hardcore contest!

The Great Khali was set for action on SmackDown against David Hart Smith, but the match was never able to get underway as "The Big Red Machine" Kane blind-sided "The Punjabi Nightmare" and assaulted Khali. However, when Kane brought a Singapore cane into the ring, Khali was able to counter and end up laying Kane out with the Punjabi Plunge! What will happen this Sunday at Breaking Point when these two giants are swinging Singapore canes at one another? Which monster will be left standing?

Two nights before they defended their titles against the team of MVP & Mark Henry, Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show & Chris Jericho were in action on SmackDown, picking up an impressive win over their opponents from SummerSlam, Cryme Tyme. Will Big Show & Chris Jericho be able to the do the same at Breaking Point or will MVP & Mark Henry prove to be the perfect team to dethrone Show & Jericho?

Backstage, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon meets up with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and implores the GM to improve SmackDown. Long responds by informing the Chairman that he plans to "change the face of SmackDown" next week and that he has something "excellent" in store for Breaking Point this Sunday! What could the General Manager have planned for this Sunday? What kind of huge decision will Long have regarding SmackDown and what effect will it have on Friday Nights?

New Intercontinental Champion John Morrison was in action on SmackDown, "The Guru of Greatness" picked up a win over Charlie Haas. After the match, Morrison stated that he "would not be champion without Rey Mysterio" and praised the former champion and vowed to give Rey a rematch for the Intercontinental Title anytime he wants it. The #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title, Dolph Ziggler, comes out and declares that Morrison’s respect for Mysterio "sickens" him and that he earned his opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship and he wants his chance. Showing that he is a fighting champion, "The Friday Night Delight" offers Ziggler the chance to have the match then, but Ziggler refuses, stating that he wants the match on his "terms". The Intercontinental Champion responds by getting in the head of the #1 Contender and calling him "Mr. Ziggles" and leading a "Mr. Ziggles" chant from the crowd. As the chants persisted, Dolph threatened to leave the stage, which was met with raucous applause! When the chanting did not stop, Ziggler did as promised and left the stage! When will we see these two impressive Superstars do battle over the prestigious Intercontinental Championship?

With Women’s Champion Michelle McCool in her corner, Layla went one-on-one with former Women’s Champion, Melina. In the end, it was an opportunistic shot to the ribs with her crutch, that allowed Michelle McCool to assist Layla in getting the upset win! How will Melina respond to being cheated out of a match by the Women’s Champion?

Backstage, R-Truth is being interviewed when he is attacked for the third week in a row by Drew McIntyre! The angry Scotsman brutally assaults R-Truth just like he has done the two previous weeks, but referees are finally able to get control of the situation. What will happen when R-Truth finally gets a hold of Drew McIntyre?

Then it was time for the main event as World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk squared off with Matt Hardy in a non-title Submission Match. Despite putting up a good fight against "The Straightedge Champion", Matt Hardy had no choice but to tap out when Punk locked in the devastating Anaconda Vise on his opponent! After the match, the familiar gong rang throughout the arena and the lights went out. When the lights came back on, The Undertaker appeared on the stage holding the World Heavyweight Title! In his 19-year career, The Undertaker has never tapped out to any opponent, will CM Punk make history this Sunday by forcing the immortal "Phenom" to submit or will The Undertaker’s prophecy come true at Breaking Point with him being crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion?