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Jim Ross Comments On Jeff Hardy’s Arrest

Jim Ross has updated his blog over at, in his new blog he has the following to say about Jeff Hardy and arrest:

"The news of Jeff Hardy’s apparent arrest on drug charges is disturbing. I have spoken to no one about this matter and only know what info that I have read that was distributed by the police in North Carolina. I hope that there is better news on this matter forthcoming from Jeff or his attorney.

Hopefully, Jeff has retained sufficient counsel to help him address these issues. I know that Jeff Hardy is a good young man with endless talents who finished his stint in WWE in grand fashion. Jeff, as are none of us, isn’t perfect and I only hope this matter can be resolved quickly and efficiently so Jeff can move on with his life in a healthy and positive way. Jeff Hardy is innocent until proven guilty as there is likely much more to this matter than we know at this time." My thoughts exactly regarding the need for legal counsel. I’m surprised Hardy has been tweeting since his arrest. I understand the desire to set the record straight and I respect the fact that the guy is commenting to his fans, but I can’t imagine a lawyer being okay with the approach he’s taken."